Do you want to get paid to play?

85 Undead Mage
I am looking to hire a 5v5 Arena team to assist with leveling my Guild.

What are the perks? These apply only to the characters on the Arena team.
- 250g per-diem. This increases by 25g each time the guild reaches a new level.
- Each team member will receive a bonus equal to the current daily per-diem, every time the Guild levels
- All repairs are free.
- A full set of Glyphs will be provided or whichever ones each player does not already have.
- All gems are provided free. Epic gems not included. I have all the epic gem cuts if needed.
- All Enchants are free, provided I do the enchanting.
- If starter PVP gear is required, then I will craft it for each team member in need of it.
- For specialty items such as engineering enhancements, cogwheels, Chimera eye, etc.., material will be provided, with appropriate advanced notification in order to obtain the resources needed.
- Flasks, potions and/or elixirs, if needed, will be provided so long as advanced notification is given.
- A Vent/TS server will be established if needed.
- In lieu of a daily per-diem and leveling bonus, a team member can elect to receive a Vial of the Sands.
The Vial will be provided once the Guild reaches level 23. At which point, I will consider the agreement fulfilled and the team is free to depart. If the team opts to stay until level 25, per-diem will continue as established and those that opted for the Vial of the Sands, will also receive per-diem equal to that of the other team members. It is understood that after reaching level 23, a Guild no longer has a daily cap. The team is expected to reach a level consistent with the prior daily cap.

What is expected?
- I expect the team to cap Guild XP each day they play. Per-diem is paid only for days the team caps GXP.
How the team does it, is irrelevant to my goal.
- RealID information is required to facilitate communications.
Once the deal is complete, deleting me is an option.

What is not expected?
- I do not expect you to be the greatest Arena team ever.
- Do not expect advice from me on how to manage the team. I know next to nothing about Arenas and I don’t PVP.
- I don’t expect you to be my new best friends. This is a business deal. If we become friends as a result, all the better.

Not on Thunderhorn or stuck babysitting on TH Alliance side?

If needed, I will assist with the leveling of all toons that are part of this Arena team.
This includes, but is not limited to:
- Instance running
- Gold for talents and one each ground and flying mount
- Questing assistance
I will not pay your transfer fee. That is real world currency and depending on your interpretation, would violate the TOS/TOU.
Team members do not receive per-diem while leveling. Once the team is complete and it begins capping GXP then per-diem will start.

Why don’t I do this myself?

I’ve solo’d this Guild to level 10, by questing and doing 250 dailies almost every day. Even I need a change up once in a while. Additionally, as I am now retired, I’ve decided to get a degree. This has limited the amount of time I can spend playing the game. I do not run instances, Raid or PVP. I am good at two things in this game, helping people and making gold. I was looking at my total gold tally and it dawned on me that I’m tired of doing 250 dailies and making very slow progress toward hitting the new guild gold cap of 2.14 billion or getting the Guild to level 25. So why not use the one resource I have that everyone wants? To this end, I researched all the ways a Guild can earn XP. 5v5 is the most balanced as far as the rate and ease at which a team can cap daily GXP and the total cost to me. Additionally, it gives the team flexibility to do other things besides Arenas. Each Guild achievement earned by the team or because of the team’s presence will be considered and a gold bonus may be provided depending on the value of the achievement.

If there is a 10-man team interested, feel free to contact me and we might be able to negotiate a deal.
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85 Undead Mage
Before considering this offer, know the following:
- How to PVP as a team
- How to accept and give direction regarding your performance or that of your team mates.
- It will take 83 days of hitting Guild XP cap to reach level 25
- If a team member takes their daily per-diem and the team does not hit GXP cap on that day, the member will be asked once for either an explanation and/or to return the gold. Failure to provide a reasonable explanation and/or return of the gold, will result in the immediate removal from the guild of all team members. Any team member(s) that opted for the Vial of Sands, and were not involved in the pilfered gold, will be provided gold equal to what they would have earned up to that point, as if they had not opted for the Vial.
- Once this agreement is complete, the members of the team are expected to gracefully (or violently) depart the guild within 48 hours. After 48 hours, they will be removed. I am not interested in having Guild mates. If I wanted those, I would have joined one of the many Guilds already out there.

For additional details, please contact me in game. Speak to any toon from the TH Guild “Out of Order”. They are all me.
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90 Orc Death Knight
holy !@#$ ill do it
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85 Troll Priest
I'm very interested, I'll try to contact you in game!
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85 Undead Mage
I won't be on until late tonight (15 Jan). Helping re-roof a friends house.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
hrm sounds like fun O_o
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85 Night Elf Druid
me too i am super interested
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87 Human Paladin
im very interested,
please contact me asap
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90 Orc Death Knight
im very interested,
please contact me asap

Look at the date.
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