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Just thought I'd use this forum as place to start, seeing as you have to start somewhere.

I'm considering creating a DS raid team that runs Wed, Thurs and possibly Sundays at 22h00 server time (19h00 West Aussie time). The time slot will appeal to mature players based in WA, but anybody can apply naturally.
I'm hoping to firstly recruit an experienced and like minded raid leader before I begin the general recruiting process. Don't be shy to express interest even if its not for the RL position as all spots will be up for grabs if I can get this off the ground.

Just thought I'd throw it out there to see if there is any interest.

Looking forward to your replies and feedback.

Regards, Kah

edit: Recruiting for Dragon Soul, this is not my main :)
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Hi Kahlyna,

Myself and 2 friends have returned to WOW after extended vacations of varying length. Like most veteran players we've had multiple accounts, quit, come back, quit, come back, etc ... When we say veteran, I mean Vanilla, and raiding actively during Iron Chef's hey day of Kael'thas and Archimonde when they were #1 Oceanic guild.

We're more casual in nature now, and given our length away from the game wouldn't mind joining a newer guild where we can relearn the game, with a long term orientation for next expansion. As a caveat, we're East Coast (I'm also travelling internationally constantly due to business and relationship) so if you could consider a slightly earlier raid time (maybe 30 minutes to an hour) we'd certainly consider joining. We're pretty flexible with what classes we can play, and admittedly we won't be ready for a little while. Nonetheless, we're happy to raid lead also. Unfortunately the responsibility of recruitment and organisation is something we can not partake in with so much enthusiasm.

Regards, C
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Hi Center

Thanks so much for expressing some interest. Due to family commitments the 22h00 start is pretty much the only thing so far that is not flexible. I don't like spending time in-game before my kids are off to bed.

Its nice to know there are players out there that would like a fresh start and I'm gutted my times don't suit your needs at present as I'd jump at the opportunity to have you on board. The few whispers I have sent out in-game have been futile so far as few if any raiders are willing to join a level 1 guild.

For interest sake I have a iLvl 387 Fury Warrior and iLvl 378 Frost Dk both properly gemmed and chanted. Max level Alchemy, JC and Chanter for Flasks, Pots, Gems and Chants for raiders. (also max Herb, Mining, Tailor & Engineer).

Once again thanks for your interest,

Kind Regards

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Hi Kah,

No problems. I'm in big agreement with you about not sacrificing more important parts of your life for the sake of a game (aka your children). Having achieved what was relevant in the past (server firsts, arena titles, etc) the guys and I aren't overly competitive anymore. We'd like to think we meet fresh raiders who have enough enthusiasm to theorycraft and really improve themselves, but don't carry an elitist attitude (hence why we are looking for a fresher start). It's a game after all.

I'm sure the other two would consider a 22h00 server start, and would be very reliable. Given that I hold a pretty significant senior role in my company, that may be pushing me. Moreover, as I travel so frequently overseas due to my position, and with my girlfriend living in North America, there may be the occasional period of absence. Nonetheless, I'll have a chat with the guys and if they can amend their lifestyles, and I can manage time, we'll whisper you in game and volunteer our services.

I'm sure the other guys, together with myself would enjoy the mature raiding environment that could manifest itself from this, but life is more important than wow will ever be so we'll need to check our schedules and ensure long term availability.

With many kind regards
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