TL;DR - Raids M/W 10pm server
LF 1DPS - Druid, Warlock, DK, Rogue preferred, will consider any class or wsp me in-game for more info.

Unforgiven (lvl 25) is a raiding guild located on the US-Borean Tundra server. Our primary goal is to clear all the raid content in Cataclysm and to have fun doing it!

We raid on a regular schedule with fixed teams, but we're also very casual on our off nights. We currently have two 10-man teams, but we do need a few more good players.

Each of our teams raids twice a week in the evenings from 9:30 to 12:30 server time. One team runs on T/Th, the other on M/W. We stick to a tight schedule on progression nights. We also run an extra signup raid on Sunday nights at the same time. We also run dungeons, battlegrounds, and older raids on a signup basis for those who want to have fun in the older content or are looking for specific drops or achievements.

We value skill over gear score, we loath guild drama, and we are well-organized. We expect our members to come prepared, help each other out, and strive to perfect our teamwork. We require communication and honesty when our members can and cannot attend raids.

We're mature gamers and most of us have busy lives outside the game. As such, we recognize that this is just a game and real life always takes precedence. Still, we love beating endgame bosses and that's why Unforgiven exists. Our raid schedule gives members the flexibility to run as few as one raid night per week or as many as five raid nights in some cases.

But above all, we just want to have fun seeing everything WoW has to offer. for more info (or send me a message/whisper in game)