85 Hunter Ally LF 2/2 3/3 PvP Arena Teams.

New to PvP-couple months. Am looking for playing partners for 2/2 and 3/3 Arena. Interested in players who play on a regular basis-at least few times a week, willing to teach me the ropes of Arena to an extent. See how it works out. See if we can go somewhere. Looking for grown ups only. Am not interested in how leet you are or think you are, the good old days, how many L85's you have or how well you can type trash in trade.
Looking for players who are interested in putting together teams and are willing to try and get good or at least decent, not talking about it and who play for something other than the weekly CP cap.
I am not good at this time, matter of fact I suck but as I said I'm new and willing to learn. Hey if you want to try me out, be happy to duel you and you can see if it's worthwhile. Getting whacked doesn't bother me:) Game name is same-Agio.
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100 Gnome Mage
hello my guild prosperity has a lot of 2v2 and 3v3 teams going we'd love to have you and teach you how to pvp
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85 Worgen Death Knight
<Auto Bads Rollout> imo
Prosperity is purty bad :X
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100 Gnome Mage
hmm how about you tell as why?
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And this is why I never use these forums and why I said grown-ups. So before this degenerates into the usual forum crap I'll be specific.
When I say 'New' to PvP I've been playing PvP for about 3 months. Prior to that I soloed and still do solo in WoW, never been in a Guild and not terribly interested in being in one. I've run enough random BG's and they bore me. I did two runs of Arena 2/2 but the players are not on enough or they simply want to cap their CP's. That takes a couple hours and I'm looking for players who play PvP on a regular basis , once a day preferably and want to become or at least try to become a decent 2/2 3/3 team , not just cap CP's.
I'm simply being honest about not being good. I've seen good and I'm not it. I play BM because it would seem I'm into self-abuse:) If a hunter doesn't fit what you need, next. That being said, I've heard a lot of trade trash talk by players who profess to be 'good' and quite a few haven't impressed me (no offense intended) Naturally it's always their 'main' that is the leet PvP'er but they've grown bored. Uh huh.
So yay, you do a lot of damage in a RBG and the team loses, good for you-but ya still lost. Look how I'm geared , the enchants and gemming and anything else or as I said I'll duel IF I think the players are serious about forming a team. I don't need a geared to the nuts BDK to take me out for their ego-that proves nothing.
So if there are any players on this realm who are interested in giving it a go, drop me a tell in game.
Thanks again-Agio
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85 Worgen Death Knight
Even then there isn't any good 3s teams..and I don't think there is even half decent 5s.
Wrong server for pvp :X
(I could carry you in 2s :3?)
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Diavolo-Appreciate the constructive input. I am aware of the gear and titles being unavailable in 2's. My thinking was to familiarize myself with the format 1st and that I've been doing in 2's past few days. It always helps at the start by finding another player who is prepared to learn and doesn't think they're 'good'
Given that I'm new to PvP, have always soloed for the little over 1 1/2 years I've played WoW so no real contacts AND I'm a hunter, well it'll be challenging to form 3 n 5's :)
Most already have set teams, such as yourself so it'll take some time for sure. I've already met a few players in game who are if nothing else giving some decent tips while dueling. It's a great way to weed out the idiots as well. The trolls and "ZOMG I will sew OWNZ U" clowns:)
As for the server being the 'wrong' server for PvP, well that all depends. If anyone wants to put in the effort I've no doubt good teams can be formed. It's the players not the realm. It's not my 1st game playing PvP but Wow has been around a long time. Just takes time and patience. Thanks again.
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