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Hello, folks!

Ambition is a raiding guild looking for a new home to transfer to, as our recruiting prospects on our current server are practically nil at the moment and it's seriously harming morale and progression. Could anyone provide me with their thoughts on this server's Horde-side progression/raiding environment? Is there a decent recruiting pool that we could successfully pull a few raiders from to fill holes? How "active" is the server as a whole - always something going down, easy to fill pugs, or is it still as a frozen lake? What about the economy Horde-side - outrageously overpriced, reasonable, cheap as hell?

Any info you could provide would be much appreciated! We're trying very hard to find a place that fits us just right. :)
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01/08/2012 06:39 AMPosted by Sporatic
Bonechewer is full of sexy !@#$%s

Fascinating. xD

If it isn't too much trouble, could answer some of my questions? :P
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The horde-side is a lot more lively than Alliance.
There are usually pugs running in trade (if they're successful or not, I'm not sure)
Guilds are always recruiting, you could probably find some kids to pull in for raids.
Lately the AH has been pretty pricey, but whatever.
There probably are better servers to go sit on but I wouldn't say Bonechewer is the worst choice.

Also, horde-side has some sexy !@#$%es.
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Expensive as hell, but I've enjoyed it so far.
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Alliance - Dead
Horde - Coma
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My post here sums up Ally side if you intend to faction change.
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There are only forum troll bads and trash talkers on Ally side. I think there might be 15 active players left over there... Nothing of quality, if that is what you are interested in.
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06/02/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Harland
Clearly you fit right in.. you should join alliance.

Are you so desperate you are inviting me to join you as I insult you? I don't think I would fit in at all. I mean what is even the benefit of me faction swapping? Spend money so I can help you guys finally put together a BH25 pug? I don't even need anything from that place any more.

You guys say you are good at pvp, but you just gank lowbies and people with no gear, then come on here and talk about it like it means something.

You guys think trolling means being stupid, when in fact, you are just being stupid.

How old are you kids any way? I have odd hours, so I am active when you guys are in school or when mommy tells you it is past your bed time any way.

So yeah, thanks but no thanks.
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06/07/2012 11:03 PMPosted by Harland
I asked my mommy if I could stay up late tonight so that I can gank under geared low lvl players; she let me, I had a lot of fun with it.

thanks for sharing?
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100 Tauren Warrior
who is harland and why is his transmog so ugly
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