Hello. I know these forums are rarely checked, but, if you're reading this, I'll presume you're a potential customer, or possibly a troll. Either way, hi!

I want to help make YOU filthy rich. how, you may ask? With the power of the Mysterious Fortune Card. Each card has the potential to make you a whopping 5k, all for the low, low cost of 11g each! Just send me a letter in game with how many you want, and I'll quickly C.O.D. you your cards, and then you're on your way to making money!

"But Bell, what if my card DOESN'T make me 5,000g?" Fear not, my savvy customer. If you're unsatisfied with your product, simply mail it back to me, and I'll reimburse you 10% of your expenditure. That's 1g back in your pocket. So, best case scenario, you suddenly own the auction house, and all the pets and mounts you could possibly want, and you've got the Draenei women lookin' to YOU to keep them warm. Worst case, You've got a bit of your money back. What do you have to lose? Order NOW!

(Mysterious Fortune Card reimbursement process trademarked Bell Co. All purchases will be tracked, so will refunds. Refunds will not be given to cards with no record of sale. Over 9000! rights reserved by Bell Co. Bell Co. We own nothing... yet.)