+++ - Selling Guild <While God Sleeps> - +++

84 Dwarf Priest
==================$erious offers only!===============

Name: While God Sleeps
Level: 11
Members: Just me
Bank Tabs: 7
Important Perks: Mobile Banking, +10% experience, +5% reputation

<While God Sleeps> was a guild that I started with some friends during T11 content. The Guild master was a good friend of mine and when he transferred off the server he left the guild to me as a gift, i tried to make the guild successful again but i failed.

Bear in mind how hard it is to level up a guild by yourself or with a couple friends, it is backbreaking work! This is an old guild i'd love so see go into the right hands of someone who will actually use it.

Please - Only serious offers will be taken.

Whisper Lephillip or Send me in-game mail to reach me, i will meet with you as soon as i can, i do play a lot so i should be around.
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19 Human Rogue
What a find!
I make my offer 400K.

I'll try to find you online soon.
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86 Blood Elf Hunter
This guild is magnificent 450k
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90 Human Warrior
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84 Dwarf Priest
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90 Human Rogue

Healingfreak and Lephillip, as I tried to explain to you in Trade....across most servers, the going rate for a Level 25 Guild is 100-250k. So your Level 11 guild is worth a little more than the cost of the Tabs, and the Mobile Banking perk. Level 5 is the first "milestone" perk, which permits the purchase of the 7th tab.

Just trying to help you out, but if you truly had someone offer you 250k for it, as you stated in Trade, you should have taken that ON THE SPOT, because it's WAY overvalued. People are selling the Epic Spectra Tiger mount for 250k, but I haven't met a person yet willing to pay that much for a Level 11 guild.

I'll give you a real situation....

I bought a level 4 guild for the cost of the tabs, plus a little extra. Let's say 12k. I then paid ANOTHER person 5k to level it to Level 5. For argument sake, let's say I paid them 10k. Then I bought the 7th tab for 10k. My total investment is 32k.

Leveling the guild from 5 to 11 gets me Mobile Banking, which is almost worthless to a bank alt, which is usually stationed next to the AH/Bank already anyway. But let's say another 10k for Level 5 through 11. That brings the total to 42k.

So, my valuation of your guild is 42k. Sadly, I wouldn't pay that for it because I don't need it. I'd pay 32k for it, MAYBE.

And just so you know, I'm not trying to be an !@# here - but attempting to explain why so many other folks are trolling you, and why you aren't getting any sales hoping for 200k. Like I said, if you DO get that, TAKE IT NOW, because that person is a fool, and fools and their money soon part ways!
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85 Orc Warrior
I bought my level 15 guild for 5k it had 6 tabs....
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90 Human Rogue
Veg - that's an excellent deal, as it's worth quite a bit more than that (due to the perks, and the ability to buy a 7th tab).

And Healingfreak, how's it going trying to sell the guild?

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