How much did you hate Tol Barad?

82 Troll Warrior
Win it or lose it, it's apparent that Tol Barad has become the most hated PvP area in the entire game since perhaps the introduction of arena. But luckily we've only got about one more year of dealing with this ridiculously put together battleground. So how about everyone shares their stories on just how much we hate Tol Barad?
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91 Blood Elf Paladin
I enjoy TB, too bad all the QQ made Blizz decide to take out the world PvP battle area in MoP.
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89 Goblin Mage
I too enjoy it, though I couldent care less about the objectives tbh, I just gank people running between bases..
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
I dont HATE it...but ive completed it with less then 5hks
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Oh wow, Tol Barad is just plain great compared to IOC, SOTA or the current AV. It's far from the most hated PvP area.

It's certainly not great, but it's not that bad either.
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100 Human Warrior
01/16/2012 05:44 PMPosted by Nishoba
Tol Barad is just plain great compared to IOC, SOTA or the current AV


TB was and continues to be a poorly-designed and incompletely and/or incompetently play-tested gift to the anti-vehicle PvP crowd. It's ugly and not fun.

01/16/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Goggz
I too enjoy it, though I couldent care less about the objectives tbh, I just gank people running between bases..

And that's the motivation of the "Blizzard killed WPvP" people. They don't actually want to have a battle, or fight. They want to grief lowbies.

For as fun and interesting and exciting as Wintergrasp was, TB is not.
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85 Human Warrior
Of all the BG's in this game TB is by far the worst. By 10 miles the worst. A circlezerg that makes me feel like an idiot when on D, And makes me rage when on O. I hardly ever do it.

Only when a guildie asks me to please come suffer with them.

"kerstel, I can't bear to do this alone bud"........"please"

I hardly ever missed a wintersgrap. But TB is to awful to do.

It is bad.

Brings guildies closer to each other though. I mean anyone willing to go into that suckfest with you is your bud right?
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100 Draenei Shaman
The only thing I do not like about TB is there are only really 3 areas to pvp at. WG had many different keep entrances, multiple shops to defend and towers to protect.

TB just seems a little lazy, as do most things in Cata.
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70 Human Death Knight
its better than wintergrasp lol
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85 Night Elf Priest
I hate the queues. The sides have to be even? Okay, there's only 5 people in the raid and I know plenty of people waiting in queue. That's not cool, that's the Horde not wanting to play. It's lame.
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100 Orc Shaman
Wintergrasp was a blast, and actually had more than 2 variables over all the matches played. With Tb you have "well they could blow up a tower" or "lets keep capping a new base once they cap one behind us" that can last for the entire round. To me Tb is poorly thought out and not to mention all you have to do is run your team in a circle to control a raid so the other faction can't access it.
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100 Undead Death Knight
I like Tol Barad when I'm gearing up at the beginning of a new season because it's great honor when you win with the quest and decent honor if you lose. I refuse to go in on D after one too many 30 minute games that were lost at the last second. Other folks grinding out honor made Tol Barad offenses on my faction/server an almost guaranteed quick win, which was nice. Now that the dedicated players are geared Tol Barad has become a Horde suckfest, seldom reaching the minimum player cap and with Horde being crushed repeatedly, so I've stopped queuing except in cases of extreme boredom.

As for the actual gameplay of Tol Barad, it's terrible. The base-capture win mechanic is both unexciting and frustrating at the same time, and the predictable circle zerg each game gets old fast. They took the worst elements of AB and BoG and turned it into a battleground. Then they added some annoying vehicles which you can't afford to send people to kill in a 20v15 game and which make every match go on forever.
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85 Undead Warlock
It is my opinion that Tol Barad should have a flight path to and from it instead of making us port to and from Orgrimmar like when we need or want to get to the Undercity or the Eastern Kingdoms which Tol Barad is supposedly apart yet with no flight path, and give the ability to fly there ourselves under certain circumstances like before or after battle.
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84 Dwarf Shaman
I hate this awful PvP "zone".

Wintergrasp, while not being the greatest either, was worlds better then this TB nonsense.

I want "epic" PvP, and the only thing that ever matched that description was world pvp in Hillsbrad pre battlegrounds, and original AV.

TB is a joke and I'd be happy if they deleted it tomorrow.
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14 Night Elf Hunter
after getting my mounts and pets i was through with it

same thing every game. run in a circle.

"rezzers to icg"
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85 Human Paladin
Wintergrasp was amazing . . .

have you been there lately, there are what, four maybe five ppl there

. . . the future of TB (?)
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