Market, the alternative channel for trade

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Market is a channel exclusively for, well Trade of goods and services. The regular Trade channel is filled with random garbage and folks spouting off about any number of offensive and unpleasant things.

To solve this problem I purpose that a Farstriders chat channel for the exclusive use of business and services be created. This being a player run channel allows for the players to police it.

What is allowed in this channel,

Buying and selling of items & Services
Advertising of Items and Services
Discussion of the in-game economy
Civil and polite discourse regarding aspects of the game that affect in-game commerce.

Unacceptable behaviors that will result in the poster being asked to leave.

Discussions that have no bearing on the state of the in-game economy.
Coarse and aggressive swearing.
Personal attacks
Religious / political / philosophical / social / organized belief structures. These are not conducive to the calm channel of commerce that I am purposing.
constant spamming of songs, gold sites.

Individuals that refuse to follow these guideline will be asked to leave. Failure to remove themselves from the channel will result in a report to the GM for harassment.

It seems odd and unfortunate that the channel designated for trade is in actuality a cross cities general chat that is used to harass and belittle other players. It is so bad that there is a standard rule that many players follow, Turn off trade and never turn it back on.

This is an attempt by a player to provide a positive channel for the use of trade in the game.
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01/08/2012 11:29 PMPosted by Derbanker
Individuals that refuse to follow these guideline will be asked to leave. Failure to remove themselves from the channel will result in a report to the GM for harassment.

Just a note about this.

There is no permanent ownership of player created channels and no in-game mechanic that allows for defining their purpose.

As such a player-defined use for the channel is unsupported by Blizzard and they will not interfere with the channel moderation.

The only way a player could be actioned in a custom channel is if he was actually engaging in behavior that Blizzard defines as harassment (ethnic slurs, real-life threats, etc). Talking about the habits of baby squirrels in a player-created channel when its purpose is supposed to be market driven will not result in any action by Blizzard. What happens in custom channels is considered a social issue that needs to be resolved between players.
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I actually like this idea. If anything I can idle myself in it and just watch has people have a real discussion about something, other then usual troll drivel.

I'am not the most economical person in the world but I do try to keep tabs on everything happening around me and this would certainly help in terms of the AH.
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