[RP] A Medic and a Worgen - 2!

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((Think we can do with more RP))

If he finds out, you will never survive the ordeal, the Forsaken medic spoke as they walked down the streets of Stormwind. The deep blue uniform swathed down the pebbled streets of the human city. Even in the main city of the enemy faction, the Forsaken was at total comfort. Down the streets he walked, his yellow, lantern-like eyes peering into the windows of the many shops that sat waiting for customers. Occasionally he would stop and check himself in the window's reflection, making sure his hair was combed neatly, or whether there was dirt on his lifeless face. His companion on the other hand, was far from amused.

"He doesn't need to know what he doesn't have to know," Bam reasoned back intelligently. In the land of mid-sized giants, none noticed that the three foot flat gnome was talking.

Ah, if only he knew! To entrusted one of his most hated enemies with his own precious child...would've been quite a laugh if you'd simply grabbed the boy and revealed to him everything! The Forsaken taunted still. He laughed softly, the soft voice filled with amusement. Bam groaned.

"You and I both know that is a horrible idea," the gnome rumbled back, trying to quell his companion's laughter. For one whose trade consisted mainly of mending and nurturing, the Forsaken could be remarkably uncaring and cruel at times. Perhaps this misbegotten trait of the Forsaken existed in even the most unlikely of its members.

But it is too late, isn't it? The medic pressed on, seemingly bent on riling his shorter companion into bouts of fury. He is gone, and you are left with his mess. Excellent move, master gnome. Now you can play foster father until the Cataclysm comes and ends your career as one.

"Shut up," the gnome growled, his beard bristling with annoyance. His companion grinned widely. Upon the medic's pale, unsullied face of undeath, the smile revealed much of the emotion that sat behind it. Unfortunately it was not the tender kindness that his patients were so familiar with, nor was it the silent pity that his fallen enemies so commonly see.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" the gnome asked, his eyebrows furrowing together as he concentrated on the Forsaken's face. The medic beamed down at him. Like a dancer, the man hopped onto a barrow and danced his way up a pyramid of crates, opening his arms widely as he declared his thoughts in a most grandiose manner.

Why of course I am!Zamboozle told his much shorter half as if it could not be obvious enough.After all, misery loves company!

The gnome howled in anger, scaring absolutely nobody in the area except for the crawdad beside him. Pinchy clicked widely, pincers flailing as his owner seemingly bursted into unwarranted rage. The crustacean scampered away in fright, seeking refuge between a pair of thin legs that belonged to a pale boy. The child shuffled uncomfortably, sandwiched between the gnome before him and the crawdad behind him.

"Mister Bam?" Liam asked in a soft, timid voice. The gnome glared up at him.


"Why...why are you talking to yourself?"

Bam made a strange sound that sounded remarkably like a choked cluck. Gathering up his robes and standing straighter than ever, the gnome spun around and kept walking.

"N-nothing! Keep walking!" Bam snapped, the gnome rushed out of the city gates as quick as his short legs could carry him.

So what are you going to do now? The Forsaken called out, jogging mockingly slow behind him, pretending to catch up. You can't possibly be bringing him back to the Undercity! Though...Faranell would love the gift.

"Shut up!" Bam hissed, his white beard bouncing with every large step he took.

"But...but I'm not talking!" Liam cried out.

"I'm not talking to you!"

"I'm sorry!"

The Forsaken laughed, too horribly amused at the whole ordeal. Bam snarled in utmost annoyance.

"I am not taking care of him!" the gnome declared, loudly and full of determination. The Forsaken frowned in disapproval. Now it was the gnome's turn to grin.

"I'll make him YOUR problem!"

"Who's problem?!" Liam asked.

"I'm not talking to you!"

Liam whimpered, confused. But he knew better than to ask the gnome, especially one that seemed not at all right in the head.
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Syv saluted the doctor. "Sique, you are well?"

"Aye Commander. You have a task for me?"

"Indeed yes. One of training, nurturing, and... ummm... watchfulness. Your charge should be arriving momentarily."

[in under the word limit!]
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