Will You Level A Pandaren?

90 Pandaren Mage
I'm very apprehensive about pandas. I think with an entire expansion full of panda quests and panda dungeons, and all raiders rerolling panda because it's overpowered, leveling a panda will be going a bit too far. There'll be more than enough panda already.
I will level a pandaren monk to 90.
100 Troll Mage
Maybe a Panda rogue and enh shammy. Can't see them being serious but a panda rogue oughta be funny. If they're stealth walk is like the goblins it'll be hilarious.
100 Dwarf Paladin
Hecks yes I am!

I have a toon for every class (not every spec though, and they're not all maxed), and considering that there's going to be a new class out, I'll need a new toon to play it.

How convenient that there's also a new race!
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90 Dwarf Paladin
If you saw the amount of Panda pictures on my facebook, you'd know that I am thrilled.

I rode a giant panda when I was 5 years old in Japan before things like that because illegal, and my poor mother has had to suffer my addiction to pandas for more than 30 years! It makes her gift giving really easy.
Yes, I'll level a Pandaren. Perhaps several of them. And I *will* get them to lv90.
85 Worgen Rogue
01/11/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Toshiok
Maybe a Panda rogue and enh shammy. Can't see them being serious but a panda rogue oughta be funny. If they're stealth walk is like the goblins it'll be hilarious.

That's actually one of the reason's you can't take them seriously, big fat !@# bears being either jolly like friar tuck or "serious" like Bruce Lee, either way wth is that
90 Troll Shaman
The only thing that may (or may not) stop me from leveling a pandaren is time that I may (or may not) have.. But otherwise, I definitely would.
90 Blood Elf Warrior
Yup, might not even be able to contain myself long enough to hit 90 on my main before I roll a panda monk and start tanking my way through LFD.
90 Worgen Death Knight
Definitely. Been wanting to play as a brewmaster for forever.
90 Blood Elf Paladin

WTB more slots. Seriously, I'd even pay money for a couple of extras.

Please don't encourage ACTIVISION to implement more overpriced fees on services that should be free.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Yes, after i get this guy to 90
I will lvl a pandaren monk.
100 Blood Elf Mage
Personally, I'll be leveling a Tauren Monk. Maybe I'll eventually play through the Pandaren starting area, but I'm just not interested in having a level 90 Pandaren. Besides, a Tauren Monk just seems badass.
100 Draenei Priest
Panda nope monk yes.
100 Worgen Druid
i loves me some lore, so i will. Also hoping after jaina's book they write one about Pandaria.
90 Human Death Knight

The animations are fantastic and the new environments are great, so it makes playing one, even for a little while, an easy decision.

On the topics of animations, I wish we'd have a little more variety on them.

I like Forsaken casting animations, but sadly, I'm not a Forsaken.

Perhaps you could "change" your animations like one changes their hair or transmogs their gear? For a fee of course.

I was thinking the same thing. Actually I have thought about this for quite a while now. I would love to have the male orc animations on my Human. It would be great if they put in a Dojo to fit the theme and make it so you can learn different fighting stances and animations.
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