Will You Level A Pandaren?

85 Orc Hunter
Yes I will try it. I believe they will be more menacing than soft and cuddly, and I do want to see the starting zone. I'm sure talking cows might have been ridiculed at first, but they turned out great.
90 Night Elf Mage

I'm not sure as what class yet, but I will -most definitely- be rolling a Panda(ren).
If they play ANYTHING like the monk in D3, you beat your sweet left cheek I will.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
01/11/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Voltaris
No. but i will make a Pandaren Monk and it will be glorious.
85 Dwarf Shaman
Nope. I don't like humanoid animals.

And just to be clear, I won't level a Tauren alt, either. And I can barely tolerate the Worgen, unless if they're Druids (and I don't have to see them in their "natural" state).
90 Human Warrior
Yep, looking forward to trying a panda monk. I really want to see their /dance and hear their /silly and /flirt emotes too.
85 Tauren Paladin
Probably not. Not too interested in the Pandaeren, to be frank. I'll still have my Tauren and Worgen characters though.
90 Night Elf Priest
I will but not right away. I plan on leveling a gnome monk first. :D
85 Undead Priest
Yep! Already have my names picked out.
90 Human Warrior
yes i will.

but when i get to the outlands i plan to drink heavy while playing.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
01/11/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Elementos
No amount of rolly-pollyness will do the trick, I am pretty darn sure.

Who knows, maybe theyre secretly like the killer bunny in Monty Python.
Edited by Honeypot on 1/11/2012 12:06 PM PST
No I will not.

I also have never leveled a Death Knight, Worgen or Goblin.

Just not that interested.

Have a great day.
85 Draenei Shaman
I'll most likely race change my warrior to a panda. Or make a priest.

Since some folks are tunnel-vision to the max I anticipate about 4 billion Panda Monks.
60 Gnome Priest
01/11/2012 11:52 AMPosted by Phanta
Yup :) This is my placeholder ;D I think it's going to be my first tank.

I'm in no rush whatsoever to level a panda in MoP.

It sickens me that eventually there will be a youtube video of a Panderen soloing The Lich King.

However watching an elf, a talking cow, a corpse, or a midget do it is perfectly acceptable and more appropriate?

Sure, that makes sense.
90 Human Warlock
Doubtful... I am just trying to get this one toon ironed out geared, etc... Hell I still need to do some lower level rep grinds for achievements I want and I loath doing lower level zones & stuff.
90 Draenei Mage
Not right off the bat, but eventually I'll want to see the starting zone.
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