Steal another game's item, put it in WoW.

100 Worgen Death Knight

the Smash Ball from SSBB*, think of all the carnage!!

*for those who live in caves or are not nintendo fans, SSBB = Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Edited by Deathicious on 1/12/2012 3:07 PM PST
85 Human Warrior
A death note.
90 Worgen Hunter
A Sling that causes me to cry out "Death to the Philistine!"
62 Blood Elf Death Knight
The portal gun from Portal :P
85 Human Death Knight
License To Kill, Pistols only was the only real way to play Golden Eye
90 Human Death Knight
01/12/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Um.. How about Battlecruisers from StarCraft II? I will crew them with Draenei.

Quit playing with us and just admit that's actually what's happening here!!! I keep waiting for a zerg invasion, with Sargaras somehow being behind those hybrid things!
90 Undead Warlock
The Soul Reaver, preferably in its wraith form from Legacy of Kain: Defiance. Spirit Reaver ftw.
Mehrune's Razor from TES as a dagger with a random chance to deal 100% weapon damage on the target.

Gandalf the Grey's Staff, Epic casting staff + a use effect that is an AoE Knockdown with a 5 minute cooldown. Tooltip: "You shall not pass!"

Sting from LOTOR, 1 handed sword glows blue when members of the opposite faction are within 20 yards of you.

Glamdring from LOTOR (Gandalf's Sword) 2 handed sword with same effect as sting.

Anduril from LOTOR: 2 handed sword, summoned 5 tortured spirits to aid you in combat for 30 seconds on a 10 minute cooldown.
90 Tauren Hunter
portal gun
and key blades
many key blades
85 Human Warlock

You are welcome.

Edit: before anyone says "that is a spell, not an item!" You learn it from a book, which is an item.

You are doubly welcome.
Edited by Hexikura on 1/12/2012 3:29 PM PST
85 Blood Elf Mage
can we steal houses from UO?
85 Dwarf Shaman
and entire class based around Final Fantasy x-2's dress spheres

and yes, i will have the gratuitous fan service-y cheesecake shots.
90 Undead Warlock
I would steal the Epoch from Chrono Trigger and live forever in the TBC era.

98 Blood Elf Hunter
For me it's not an's a...well....

If I could I'd take Kerafyrm the Sleeper from EverQuest, and make him and epic world boss.

96 Orc Warrior
Can I have Jack's wrist-mounted chainsaw from Madworld?
60 Night Elf Druid
Master Ball. Use it on Deathwing.
90 Gnome Warlock
They should take the main character from

Oh wait, nvm.
85 Undead Rogue
01/12/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Stoutlager

If you're referencing Doom, this.
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