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Me and my girl friend have been the guild leaders of our guild for not even a year now and we are at almost 460 members and we are trying to think of fun things we can do as guild events for our guild with guild prizes and stuff. The problem we have is the lack of ideas that we can come up with that will allow a large portion of guild members to participate without giving a player an advantage. Are there ways in WoW to facilitate this need and if anyone has any good ideas we'd love to hear them
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There are tons of activities you can do that can include all levels. Kids games are a good place to start. A sampling of the events we have successfully had:

Hide n' seek. Make sure people turn off their names and all tracking means are shut off. If the seeker finds one of the hiders, they "tag" them by emote and they race back to the starting zone. Award points to the winner.

Fishing Derby. Pick a spot..or a zone or use the entire world. Have people fish for a certain time limit (usually we do it for a half hour). Hand out prizes for the most fish, the biggest fish, the strangest thing fished up, and maybe any achievements gotten.

Scavenger hunt: Come up with a list of items people need to find. You can even do this by riddle.

Hallows End costume contest. Have people create costumes using whatever they can find to dress up their toons.

Steeplechase mount racing. If you have a large guild, this should work. Break up the racers in to divisions based on the fastest speed of their mounts (you can even include footracers). A couple of good locations for Alliance are, Ironforge (lots of precise turns) and Nethergarde Keep (lots of fences to jump over and it's far enough away so lowbies shouldn't aggro.

We also had a marathon where everyone ran on foot from Light's Hope chapel to Booty Bay. Even more fun when everyone rolls up a new gnome and runs from the starting area to Ogrimmar (or where ever you want to send it too). Routes can be adjusted to serve the levels of the people participating.

Of course, there are plenty of rp events. Even if your guild isn't an rp guild, your members might still enjoy the events.

We've had dances (with actual music over vent), parties, a picnic (complete with leather balls to toss around), tavern nights, achievement nights (going out and squashing critters or a pot luck to for individuals to get the food achievements). We even had a safari through the Barrens. We even had guild truth or dare which was so much fun.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what to do. There is just a small list. You may want to consult your guild members for ideas. Some of the events were not created by the officer staff, but by the members themselves.
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One event that was popular with our guild that we have done is Guild Darts. We started it back in WoTLK, and we did it most often in Dalaran (back when dal was really busy) but all you do is pick a high spot in the game of your choice (busy places are always interesting when you have passerbys etc). We had one of the GM's of our guild jump from the high place to their death. Then guildies all follow and its a jumping contest, whomever lands closest to the GM's corpse (or initial jumper) wins the prize! We have done this in Dalaran, Stormwind, Uldum, Ironforge - all sorts of places!

Another event we recently did, well, Its more for the higher toons tho since you need to be a certain level to get in, but we had our raiders dress up in ballroom gowns, fancy dresses, tuxedos etc and we grouped up in vent & split into groups & did Kara. So, it was kinda like a Kara nakie raid as members didn't really have their gear, just fancy stuff with weapons! haha.

We have had a find the corpse contest too. We had one of our officers die in a secret location prior to the event. We gave clues, hints & riddles etc, and using warm, cold, colder etc...we had guildies go find the corpse! That was fun. The officer died in a crypt in brill. To kill them I think we had them go pvp and we used an opposite faction & killed them.

We had a naked deadmines races before too. This was another guild favorite we did. We had our guildies group up in teams of 5 that we sorted fairly according to class, level etc of those attending. They went naked through deadmines in their groups. They weren't allowed any weapons, enhancements, pots, flasks, buffs, pets, armor or clothes or anything at all. We had it so the teams were even as to heals & ressers, casters, levels etc. Their goal was to not only enter the dungeon together, but come out of it alive, all together & the first team out was the winner. They also had to kill bosses & do some other specific things on their run. It was really funny as not all teams came out together! some people got lost, some people died & couldn't find their corpse was a lot of fun! We gave everyone participation prizes and then grand prizes for those on the winning team!

That's only a small list of a few of things you can also do. Zelyna has some great ideas and events!

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oops, shoulda put this here rather than starting my own.

This is the doldrums part of teh expac for many guilds. Most of us have gone thru the new content over and over, we've experienced the raids, we've succeeded, or stalled out, we've geared...

Mom!, I'm bored!


Half my officers are on Skyrim, the other half are so sick of most content you couldn't pay them to run anything, newer players seem annoying with questions we've answered over and over....

Luckily, I'm a creative sort, with a taste for the absurd, and pvp, and stuff...

So, I give you "Night of the Gnomes"

I've amassed a huge stockpile of pygmy oil, enough to give everybody in at least a 40 man raid a full stack. At the appointed time, everybody who shows up will drink teh oil, until they turn into a Leper Gnome. Next, our priests will give everybody a levitate buff, meaning, in this case, Org will be swarming with spooky floating voodoo anklebiters.

I've also accumulated a large number of tasty give-away prizes: 5k gold, stacks of Heavenly Shards, embersilk bolts, essences, pets, weapon enchants, stacks of raw rubies...Offer it, and they will come.

How is this fun, or exciting?

Well, My sad little 58 human Dk has explored all of Stormwind, and found semi hidden areas, where guards and npc's are scarce, and my druid has snuck in, and is currently logged out in one of those spots.

When the gnomes are ready, Nodonn shall log in, and group summon the guildies who are involved, and Stormwind shall be visited by a plague of gnomes streaming out, and scuttling thru the streets...

Just picture it.

Btw - this isn't simply a fancy dress FTH run, we have no goals so far as killing the king, or taking over the banks, or AH. We expect to die, in droves, once the citizens of Stormwind recover from teh horror of facing our verminous Horde...the point is to have a laugh, and to show a bit of flair.

Afterwards...who knows? We may rampage thru Goldshire, we might split up into teams for a few wargames, we WILL have prizes, and fun is certain.

I'm really looking forward to it.

I have other plans, some more or less simple variants of this, others a bit less complicated.

I was going to make the guild do a production of Shakespeare, but..
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Love sharing event ideas. He's what we currently have posted on our website for our officers to refer to when boredom strikes. Going to have to do two posts due to character limit :(

"You'll Feel Right as Rain" Cookie Achieve - Gather Coco beans from doing Cooking Dailies (from any who will help) until we have enough mats to make 2-3,000 chocolate chip cookies. Daily will give you enough to make 80. Make them all up and get together a large group of people and give 100 cookies to each. Eat. Get achieve after eating 91 of them.

"Second That Emotion" Achieve - Make up 20-30 of each of the following recipes - Bad Clams, Last Weeks Mammoth, Haunted Herring and Tastey Cupcake (Belaha has recipes if you need a cook). Get a group together and pass out the goodies, one of each recipe per person. Chow down, get achieve.

"Critter Gitter" Achieve - Farm up a bunch of chilled meat and northrend cooking spices from Dailies to make 2-300 Critter Bites. Make them all up and get together a large group of people and give them 10 critter bites each. Head to Iron Forge part of tram and have each person (one at a time due to time limit) toss critter bites to the rats gathering 10 of them for achieve in the time limit.

"The Fishing Diplomat" Achieve - Fish something up in Stormwind and in Ogrimar. Find a safe spot in Ogrimar to summon folks to. Raid groups may not be able to get this, so may want to drop group after arrival.

"Old Ironjaw" Achieve or "Old Crafty" Achieve - Organize a fishing party. May want a brewfest pony or something. Spend time fishing with friends at either location. Maybe award first to get achieve.

"From Hell's Heart I stab at Thee" Whale Shark Achievement - We had someone looking for this one recently. It's really easy. Get a hunter to kite and other hunters/rogues to misdirect on them. Doesn't take many at all, just kiting and time and watching your aggro. Easy to hit trade and get extras if needed in a short period.

"For the Alliance" Achieve - Bonus of getting warbear mount with successful completion. Recommend really late night/early morning for getting Ogrimar. Run at 2am on holidays seemed to go smoothly. Have 2-3 tanks (one main, others get adds) and 8 heals (one for each group so 40/5 = 8). Have alts in place at various cities for quick summons from place to place. For example - 1st summons from someone sent ahead to Ogrimar. 2nd summons, person gets on alt and joins group (their main is dropped), summons group and drops. Main reinvited and summond. Repeat for 3rd and 4th summons. Make sure you study maps so can lead group straight to boss for fight. Have macros for Raid Warnings already set up.

"Wrath of the Alliance" Achieve - Kill 5 enemy players in each of the 4 main Horde cities - Ogrimar, Thunder Bluff, Silver Moon, Undercity. Make sure you /hug them and get your "Make Love, Not Warcraft" achieve while you're at it!
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Part two of events...

"Duel-icious" Achieve - Set up duals with guild members until all have this achieve. Only requirement is to win one duel.

"Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!" Achieve - Kill 50 rookery whelps within 15 seconds. Located in Blackrock Spire dungeon.

"Going Down?" Achieve - Summon group to a nice "drop spot". There a nice whirlpool or anywhere over a body of water. Can either use a two-man flying mount to "drop" off people. Or by the whirlpool might be able to jump in and do it.

"The First Rule of Ring of Blood is You Don't Talk About Ring of Blood" Achieve - Complete quests for Ring of Blood in Nagrand, Ampitheater of Anquish in Zul'Drak and Cruciable of Carnage in Twilight Highlands.

Heroic or Level 70 BC Dungeon Runs or Raids - Set up time for people to go and get their achieves.

"Glory of the Hero" Achieves - Pick one or two achieves required for this meta achieve and schedule runs.

"Glory of the Cataclysm Hero" Achieves - Pick one or two achieves required for this meta achieve and schedule runs.

Bronze Drake Run - Run through Old Stratholme heroic to get drake. Guarenteed drop if beat time. Can only be run once a day on any given toon. Easy to set up a group for everyone wanting the drake to be helped.

Bear Run - Run through ZA/Z (forget which one it is), beat the timer and get chance to roll on mount.

Level One Race - From any starting zone to any end point which will involve several deaths. Can not form raid group, so need 1 person overseeing each 4 level one's. Need people watching graveyards for cheating as well.

Gnome Darts - Level one gnomes summoned to a good drop point. The "target" drops and dies in a given spot. Others drop and attempt to land on him. Closest wins. Do not release. Stay until all have dropped and winner determined. Can do something like best 2/3 or 3/5. Or just one time.

Scavenger Hunt - Can be done in any city. I have a list of items available for sale in SW that are under a silver each and which are unique in the city and can only be obtained from one vendor. Create list of 12 items to be bought. Send out at start of event. First to find them all and display in trade wins.

DIY Escort Quest - Create a level one character...or use a higher existing one. Create a TON of macros with storyline and a bunch of different sayings. Figure out a bunch of emotes to go with it. Find a starting point in an area where your toons level screams "bait". Have a goal to reach. Get in as much trouble getting there as possible without straying too far from the path. Have multiple groups escorting characters on similar paths. Group that gets there without their guy dying wins. Needs a large number of people to get minimum of 3 groups going. Three people to be escorted and 12 people (4 per group) to do the escorting.

Escort Variation - When we did this last year we had two groups and the story line on each was such that when we met it turned into arena matches/battlegrounds.

Naked Dungeon Run - Deadmines is a good one to run (not heroic!). All toons start with no clothing (other than guild tabard). Have multiple groups formed that will enter instance at one time. Each group should have an observer to ensure rules are followed. Objective is fastest comletion time (all bosses killed) using only gear picked up during the run. You want a minimum of 3 groups running. For level 85's group sizes can be as small as 2 per group (1 observer). Group is not counted as done until all members exit.
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These are all great ideas however, my question is how do you deal with a smaller guild? My guild has a small roster of players maybe 15 active raiders and it's hard to get every one on for these type of things. How do you keep a smaller guild interested in these events?
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One thing my officers have always enjoyed doing is a drunken run. We start naked and will gather gear and work our way up. It's interesting to go from Deadmines/Stockades, to UBRS, to Kara. To see people rolling on an epic shield that drops likes it's the coolest piece in the game again, b/c they don't have a shield attached. The drunken part can be fun as well. It's a great way for the officer's to unwind and just spend time with each other.
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As a quick addendum, our guild has also done tournaments. 6 events, usually in the summer, in the span of 2 months. Each having a winner, and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, earning points, with the final winner getting a large gold payout (usually about 10,000g). I try to use all different sorts of events to get the interest of all of our guildies, a pvp dueling tournament, a leveling contest, a fishing tournament (just like our own stv), a talent show (in game and vent), a wow trivia night, a treasure hunt. This was a lot of fun because we would usually tell a guild story, or have a quarrel between 2 officers that the guildies, work through a quest chain to get to the end, scattering officers all over Azeroth. Events like this, and the summer tournament take a lot of time, but they are great for the guild.
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My final addition would be our Crusader program. This is something that we do for our longer term members and officers so that they can become Crusader's inside the guild. They actually crusade, for a minimum of 12 months to complete 12 different ranks (working at their own pace), and at the end, receive the rank of Crusader and get a monthly gold stipend and unlimited guild repair. This has revitalized our guild. It has caused many people to work to becoming higher ranks in the guild so that they are able to Crusade. You often see much collaboration and a lot of events posted that help keep our guild active, just so that guildies can work together to achieve their crusader ranks for the month. The idea behind the program is it is a high involvement, high participation rank that yields a high reward. It will also help guildies to become well rounded. Some may stumble on their pvp objective, others on profession portion. My guildies love it. Here is a link to our crusader program. Feel free to use it (Just thrown: "Created by Anira @ Triumph" at the bottom please) :)

I'm editing to update our Mists Crusader Program.
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85 Draenei Paladin
03/01/2012 07:10 AMPosted by Anira
My final addition would be our Crusader program.

Wow...this is really neat. Squirreled that one away to ponder later. Thanks for the link and the great idea!
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Well, smaller guilds call for events that require minimal numbers and/or time. Alot of those listed can still work for you as you only need 5 players. The only difficult part might be in getting them to all be of a level high enough or close enough for what you want to do.

As for interest, I've found that once you establish that a scheduled event will happen regardless of the number of people signed up, you get more participation. People actually start to pay attention to the calendar and make a point to be online.

Also since not everyone looks at the calendar frequently, make some advertisement macros for guild chat. Don't get spamerific in there, but during those times when you have the highest volume of people online hit the macro to let them know about upcoming events they can sign up for.

And for some of these events, once the achieves start occurring people come out of the woodwork to join. Trust me.

I made about 2,500 cookies for that "You Feel Right As Rain" achievement (91 cookies per toon) event as well as 35 each of the emotion foods for "I Second That Emotion" for this past Monday. Had them meet me in the Mage quarter outside the Blue Recluse in where there was a mail box for me to pull mats out of and some nice seating for a picnic. I had only 10 people signed up for the event. I ran out of cookies....
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90 Human Hunter
Does anyone know how to do a foot race? Maybe in the Darkmoon Fair?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
If anyone needs some fun guild event ideas come check out our
guild's YouTube Channel:

If you can please subscribe to our channel :)

Thank You!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
We used to have naked fist fight Fridays. Each guildie had to leave all the armor in their bags, and we would just duel with punches. We all had the bourbon with us, got smashed and fought. After the fight we would go to a random ally town and have some pvp fun. I think Dolanaar was my favorite. We just had 10-15 guildies with us, and started killing the ally around, within 5 minutes there were around 30 ally.
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14 Troll Priest
Kaatniss... I can't remember the exact layout of the DMF off the top of my head, but you could do one from the starting area down to the docks and over left or right maybe?

Have the person/people "judging" to be at the end, maybe with a crystal focus lens as the "finish line".

Rules no mounts, must run on foot with no speed boosts (unless you allow them)... could have to wear only your tabard or a certain set of gear.

You could make them stop and play one game or something.
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90 Tauren Druid
Ty for the great ideas. Hide & Seek and Scavenger Hunt are great--people love them. Another game adapted from rl is Pass the Parcel. Each person bring a gift to exchange. Random roll to determine what order the gifts are "opened." Lowest roll goes first. The first person open their gift and links it in chat. The second person has the choice of either opening a new gift from someone else or taking the first person's gift. The 3rd player then has the choice to choose either of the first two gifts or open a new one. It can get very competitive when there is something everyone wants.

Costume Contest--although this is more often seen on RP servers, it's not that hard to create a costume--either for Best Dressed or Best Costume portraying a particular character. Tailors make some amazing things that everyone can wear.

Door prizes: It helps to overplan with extra prizes. Everyone random rolls. The highest rolls win the door prizes.

It's all good fun!
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We've done a lot of the same things as have been mentioned.

One event that turned out to be quite amusing was a Level 1 gnome race... We created level 1 gnomes (we had folks who didn't have any available character slots, so we chose another PVE server, and all created gnomes)... then we ran from the gnome starting area to Menethil Harbor... dying NUMEROUS times along the way, but the first gnome to reach Menethil got a nice reward.

We've also done the "Lawn Darts" thing... we usually have chosen the floating land mass over Nesingwary's camp in Nagrand... and would choose different targets to try and land on... the fire, one of the tents, one of the NPCs. Invariably, we always had low level toons with us, and it would turn into quite a bit of comedy when someone would go an aggro a beastie and chase down the lowbies with it. :D

Scavenger hunts, find the corpse, trivia contests, naked Deadmines runs... we've done those as well. :D

I like the pass the parcel idea as well. :D Might have to try that one around Winter Veil time. :)

We've also done Level 1 duels. Created toons on a different server, and dueled each other in just the gear we were "born" with. Different classes, as people saw fit, but limited to 1 race so we all started in the same area. Top 3 winners got prizes.
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90 Orc Warrior
Some things ive seen, and some ive done..

A great race! Level 1's racing naked from a zone to a destination a few zones away, on foot, no mounts from friends, no FP' this can be very grulling lol but its fun..Team contest, 2 players, no grave yard jumping...

We auction stuff off, Guild buys a cool mount, we come up with an idea how to gain entries...showing up for achieve runs, or transmog contest, or who knows what else u could do, then they get an entry we track on our site, then at the end every entry is a number and we get everyone in a group and we do a roll 1-?? how ever many entries we have and BAM! winning number takes it!

Raid races, school yard style....Pick to captains, they pick two teams 1 by 1, pick the raid, an see who finishs first, always fun

Guild Bank weekends...As we stock our bank to sell it all to guildies for less then the AH, we would get togther and have a fishing day, give a Monatary prize to person who fishes up the most fish, or mines the most ore, or what ever it is we are stocking up

Level Up a lower level toon, i,e 60, 70, or 80 and lock the out on XP and do old content, get ur harold of the titans achieve, or something, relive fun times!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
oh man I miss the gnome races... those were a lot of fun... but then they were made impossible when blizz made it so level 1's couldn't join raids so then you couldn't keep track of everyone :(

Did they ever change that back? if they did I might set up another gnome death run... hehehhehe
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