Pretty much what the title says. I am hunting for these on horde side:

Felsteel Shield Spike

I need 10 total and paying pretty well (400 gold per giving crafters 100-120g profit). I would make them myself but they require Thrallmar Exalted rep to purchase the pattern and I can't be bothered grinding it up (I want them for twinking if you need to know).

If you have some to sell please CoD to this character, if you can supply all 10 in a single batch I will send over an additional 200 gold as a thank you. If you don't want to CoD to me just send me a mail and we can work out something, though CoDing is faster and gives you a better chance of getting the bonus.

Once I get the 10 I'm after I'll no longer be buying so get in quick.

First in best dressed.

Thank you for your time.