Gem war Horde side

90 Orc Death Knight
The gem war Horde side has escalated into open hostilities. So let me put this out there. I purposely started this war to put the AH trolls on the defensive. To that end I have succeeded. As a result of their lowered profit margin on red gems, they have begun an assault on all gem prices. Example is how blue gems have gone up 600%+ for some cuts. It is now time I move into the second phase of the war.
I will continue to post gems at greatly reduced prices on the AH, but honestly these are more for the AH trolls to buy up in bulk since they think that they will be able to dump them on the market when I run out of gems. Since the later will not happen, the AH trolls will be stuck with ample supplies and very little demand.
If you are not in a desperate need to have a gem cut right then and there, send any toon from my guild a whisper or an in game mail(they are all me) and I will happily cut some for you. The gems cut are limited per person to prevent players from turning around and selling bulk amounts for higher on the AH. I promise that any cut you ask for, will be cheaper than anything you will find on the AH. My own posted cuts included. Together we can put the AH trolls back under the bridge where they belong.

To the AH trolls, the war will end when prices drop to a reasonable level. Until then, keep buying up my bulk posts. 126k gold in the last five days makes me laugh. Have no doubts about my resolve on this issue. I have more time and gold to back up my war effort than any AH troll army. Not that they could stop fighting with each other long enough to fight me.
To non-AH troll JCs out there, my apologies for any loses you might incure during this conflict, but war is never without it's causlties. I recommend you do your best to undercut the market anywhere you can. Cuts that are at a reasonable price, I will leave alone.
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90 Human Rogue
I like fishing... fishing is good. ^_^

((btw... many of those are probably Auctioneer script bots, so they're probably not even reading forums nor caring about this as they themselves aren't investing any of their own personal time into them themselves.))
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Considering the amount of time/effort you have put into this and will continue to put into this, you have already lost at life.
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3 Human Hunter
I watched an episode of Portlandia recently. There was a skit where Fred was playing Hide and seek in a library. He decided to hide under a desk. A woman comes up to this desk and asks him "Can I help you?" He goes on to say "I'm hiding." Yadda yadda yadda, eventually she asks "Where do you live?" He says "I got about 3 roommates, it's kind of a house but its kind of falling apart." She ends with "Its kind of a house but its kind of falling apart? That sounds like your life right now honey."

You are the Fred in that skit.
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85 Troll Priest
Bots will always have the upper hand, good luck with your master plan though.
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90 Orc Death Knight
i am broke and i thank you for doing this. MUALOA 2012 President of Thunderhorn
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90 Human Death Knight
01/08/2012 05:07 PMPosted by Naganaga
MUALOA 2012 President of Thunderhorn

Is he running for the "price of gems is too damn high" party?

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