As I wind-up my account I'm listing various items on the auction house for "bid-only" from all over the place. Old school stuff like Bone Scarab and Amber Idol, leveling mats like Black Lotus, and some semi-junk like Lure Master Tackle Box.

I've got a couple unique odds and ends that I'm not listing, too, like:
  • The Lost Kris of Zedd
  • Sword of Zeal
  • The Hammer of Destiny
  • I've also got a bunch of high-level mining mats (Volatile Air, Pyrite Ore, etc.) that I'll be listing as bid-only, so keep an eye out for potential bargains in the next couple weeks, or drop me a PM if there's something in particular you seek.

    Happy gaming,

    Senior Consultant
    Boz's Adventurer Support Services
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