A plea to Healers


90 Night Elf Druid
Yeah I gots to put it out here!

The game has gone from hard to pretty easy at this time, since folks get gear so easy now. But the first comment is to all healers as a question.

1. There is a question of: Just because you can, should you?

For about 4 months now, I've done nothing but run my healer toons. Shaman, Druid, Priest... all 85s with 350 to 375 ilvl and two of each on different servers. One thing just keeps sticking out to me and it is to this I am typing about.

The one thing is this. You go into an instance now and more often than not, your faced with tanks either really under geared and just have enough ilvl to get into the instance or... the tank isn't even in any type of avoidance gear at all, but the person decided they wanted a fast que, so they quickly spec into the appropriate tank spec (IE: Blood for dk, feral for druids, Protection for Pali and warrior) and yet have nothing on as gear but dps gear. Sure sometimes their dps gear is ilvl 353 and up, but it's all dps gear! Then they expect to go into whatever instance it is and get carried by the healer. WHAT HAPPENED! I remember running my tanks and was consistently told: " Go get some avoidance or more on you before you que as tank!" You get hit too hard still. Then I got kicked if the healer didn't' like what gear I had on even when I had every piece on at the time, that had either parry, dodge or block on it before I ever qued as a tank in cata regs. The point to my diatribe is this!

Every person out there that plays wow, will kick a healer fast if they are not geared properly and can't heal the grp thorough their stupidity. People fully expect healers to have almost better gear on than the rest of the group and be able to heal them through anything, even if they are standing in stuff or like melee toons, who decide to go face to face with a boss instead of getting and staying behind the boss. If the healer can't, often times party chat will fill up with all sorts of derogatory comments.
On the flip sid,e as a healer you are geared far beyond what needs to be and indeed can heal everyone through what ever stupid stuff the rest of the grp pulls, even a 333ilvl tank toon with dps gear!

So then this is the question. Why are you doing that! I ask this of healers because apparently it's expected now in the game! Just because you can heal that yo yo that qued as a tank in dps gear or heal through some dummies who just stand there in ground effect damage and refuses to move... Should you!

Yes as a healer it is the duty of the healer to heal. No argument out of me on that. However, you aren't helping anyone if you heal someone not geared to do their job correctly, by healing them.

In short, this is not a qq but rather a PLEA to ALL HEALERS to refuse to heal these types of yo yos. A priest can't change spec, keep their shadow gear on and que as heals and get away with it easily (well they can in they are tier geared perhaps) just because they want a faster que. So why should any healers heal someone not geared right for the job they qued for? The plea across the board on all servers is for healers to first check the gear of the grp and if the tank isn't geared properly, then simply refuse to heal them (carry them, because that's exactly what you're doing) . If dps decides they don't' want to move their feet or get out of the way of mob and boss dmg dealing! Don't' heal that individual and let em die. If that yo yo tank thinks it's a PS3 Nascar game instead of World of Warcraft and starts pulling before the healer and rest of the grp is there and ready! DON'T HEAL them! Healers! if you all start doing this across the board, people will get right and play this game right again. You keep carrying these yo yo's, then you simply aren't helping anyone or the game.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, is the bottom line point!
85 Draenei Shaman
Hm I must have gotten lucky, I've never been kicked from group on priest or shaman but I think I've just always had groups that understood the tank was terribly geared, or I inspect and point out that they were bad. But I hear ya! I have flat out said "I can't and won't heal you through that again" after someone died mid a 1.5 second heal.
90 Pandaren Mage
I have to agree with you on this point. We healers need to educate tanks (and dps too) about dungeon etiquette. DPS, don't pull before tank. Tank, make sure you don't pull 15 mobs on the group because you are wearing 397 gear. And most importantly, before you pull, make sure everyone has mana. It seems that every run now is a speed run to get to the end for the JP's or VP's. I have a macro that states, I don't have enough mana to heal stupid.
85 Night Elf Druid
What are we supposed to do? We need VPs too, and chances are the next group will be no different.

Rather than simply quitting, perhaps you should do something to keep naughty DPS and tanks in line. You can't fix terrible gear, obviously, but why would you want to? A badly geared tank is the perfect opportunity to test just how far you can push yourself in a 5 man.

All in all, however, it's just the state of things, and it's not going to change significantly any time soon.
90 Human Paladin
It's boring otherwise. My healer set is ilvl 397. For a challenge, the dps have to collectively suck or the tank has to be horrible. And sometimes I just want to see how I'll do. I probably won't heal another blood DK in full unreforged ungemmed vicious with a pvp spec though. Would have actually removed them except they were with friends. And I wanted mah satchel, gosh dernit.
90 Human Paladin
But letting them die makes the run take longer. I usually prefer to part from their company as quickly as possible and still get my goodies.

And it's not really self-serving to heal a tank through crap even if they suck. There's three other players in the party. If I so much as like even one of them, I'll carry that group through Hell if I have to. Letting them die slows the run down, gives innocent pugs a repair bill, and wastes everyone's time. Warn the tank, heal the tank, and hope the tank takes your warning to heart. They probably won't, but letting them die over and over again wouldn't get them to change either if that's the case.

If I need to say something to someone and they're screwing up something huge, I say it in party. If it's just a little tip, I whisper it. If it's about tank gear, I use party chat. If it's about their spec or rotation, I whisper. I do this in case the issue results in a wipe. I've essentially set suspicion on the problem player beforehand and directed blame away from myself.

At some point down the road, the bad tanks I run into will run into a healer who can't keep up with them or is just pissed off at them. That healer can do the dirty work. I strive to make every pug I join into a successful run, regardless of the odds.
90 Tauren Paladin
I suppose its because as a healer it's pretty easy to out gear the runs..
Most of the time unless theres a problem I don't even bother looking at my groups gear..
If we wipe I'll have a check so that I have some ammo to shoot back when the "Healer you suck!" and "L2P NOOB" starts being spammed..

I may out gear the run, but that doesn't mean I can heal stupidity...
you know its a sad day when I OoM on Mannorith by casting Exorcisim at him...
because really healing at that stage is just not needed...

but I digress...

Should we have to hold peoples hands and carry them through on their crappy gear and scorning words at the slightest of our faults?
No, we shouldn't. But we do, and until it becomes a real problem.. thats the way it will stay.
63 Gnome Warlock
I will glance at a tank's gear if we zone in and something looks a little odd. I have ballpark figures for what their health should look like. If something is wildly off, I'll go take a look at gear and spec.

I will kick a tank, with the DPS's support, if they're just awful. If I zone in and find myself in front of some random boss, with corpses strewn about and bones, I'm going to ask the group what happened. If I am told HEELZ SUCKED LOLZ, I'm going to take a good look at the tank.

In the past week, I've really only had three horrible tanks. One was in crafted PVP gear (a pally) with no mitigation at all. I had to use pain suppression on trash with that guy, and we kicked him before the first boss. I had a blood DK tank in all DPS gear, who refused to use death strike. I was on my most geared healing toon, and I just treated him as an entertaining experiment in how much HPS could I do. Final one was a druid who was in a weird PVP spec and gear, and refused to use or respect CC. Again, kicked.

You don't have to put up with a truly horrible tank, but you do need to see if you are also contributing to the problem. I know that on my three healing toons, at this point I can carry almost any level of bad on two of them, while on the third I'm not at that point yet.
90 Orc Shaman
01/16/2012 02:04 AMPosted by Janaire
But letting them die makes the run take longer. I usually prefer to part from their company as quickly as possible and still get my goodies.


Besides, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to healing... If I see a health bar that needs filling, I try to fill it. I almost can't help it at times, its a weird compulsion. Like, my UI feels unbalanced when the units in my raid frames sustain damage.

I guess that sounds a little crazy... Heh
35 Night Elf Hunter
Just one player's opinion, but it has seemed for quite awhile that the people developing this game have an anti-healer attitude. Why? Who knows. No, it makes no sense. But look at how all the mechanics are set up to be punishing to healers, and not so as to point the finger of blame at the actual person screwing up. Look how it is giving more and more healing abilities to tanks and DPS. Look how the upcomiung scenarios will eliminate the need totally for healers.

Healing is a role without a future in this game.
85 Draenei Paladin
There are bad players of all classes/specs. I quite often queue up for 5-mans as a tank or DPS, and trust me I have run into my fair share of awful, awful healers.

DPS is far and away the easiest role in random 5-mans or LFR because you don't really have any accountability there. In a real raid setting where you have to swap targets quickly, or be part of an interrupt or raid cooldown rotation, or just generally have to push your damage output and avoid mechanics, it's just as difficult as tanking or healing (and sometimes even more difficult).

As far as the concept of this thread, that you should lord your position of power over others who don't meet your expectations? That's really immature. I don't withhold heals - I do my job, if somebody is a detriment to the group (by being awful, or having an attitude problem) then I either ignore them, votekick them, or just leave entirely.

Typically I just ignore it. Carrying people is the price you pay for having something as convenient as LFR or LFD. If you want quality control with who you group with, form your own group and queue up together.
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85 Human Paladin
Because, quite simply, people are bad in this game. I run an exorcism spec in dungeons and I am NEVER last dps. That's even more pathetic than a tank not knowing how to tank/not gearing properly.

The problem with the game isn't tanks, it's players in general. People have been babied by cataclysm. It's time for Blizzard to wake up and reintroduce wrath style damage. Heal it fast, stack damage reduction, or die.
85 Draenei Paladin
01/16/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Misery
People have been babied by cataclysm. It's time for Blizzard to wake up and reintroduce wrath style damage. Heal it fast, stack damage reduction, or die.

That would suck, actually. A Wrath-style healing/raid damage model would mean Wrath-style mana, which removes the mana management minigame that I enjoy, and then we would need Wrath-style healing output which would be very weighted towards one or two spells so that the "average" player can handle it... which would be even worse than the current incarnation of Pally AoE. Screw that.

Unless you mean heavy ridiculous burst damage in 5-mans and ez-mode faceroll content like LFR? That would be hilarious.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
01/16/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Misery
People have been babied by cataclysm.


01/16/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Misery
It's time for Blizzard to wake up and reintroduce wrath style damage.


01/16/2012 11:15 AMPosted by Misery
Heal it fast, stack damage reduction, or die.

You mean heal with the most efficient button you can and only that, stack one stat so that it'll be boring, or die. Got it.

01/16/2012 11:22 AMPosted by Tail
A Wrath-style healing/raid damage model would mean Wrath-style mana, which removes the mana management minigame that I enjoy

Oh, and this.
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85 Night Elf Priest
There has been only two times on my resto druid where I have refused to heal, and the first time was when a paladin came in in ret spec, ret gear and que'd as tank. First mob opening doors in za he died. Second time was when a tank came in and took way to much damage on trash and died several times to the boss, needless to say i healed the rogue through the boss fight and he was so much easier to heal too. I'm not the best healer out there, nor will I ever claim to be, i'm a competent healer and do my job well but there are times when you can't heal stupid
90 Blood Elf Priest
Eh, I've never been kicked from a group in my time on WoW. However, I have left a group, though. I usually never have a wipe, unless I'm absolutely zoned out (for whatever reason), the tank isn't holding aggro, someone pulled some adds, or I yelled 'OoM', 'Mana', or sometimes the desperate 'I NEED MANA' yet the tank pulls a HUGE mob, anyway. Honestly, I've not been having really any bad tanks or DPS lately. I guess I'm pretty lucky or something (I do sometimes run with my Boomkin boyfriend, and occasional guildies, though).

My priest's ilvl is 377 and I do pretty well in any raid, dungeon, or even PvP (and I don't even have PvP gear, bwahaha). I also have no healing add ons (the only add ons I have are DMB and AtlasLoot).

If I notice that my tank is in the wrong spec I WILL call him out on it. That's just not fair to the group. Yeah, I can heal them all through his stupidity, but like you said, I shouldn't have to, and everyone wants a quick and efficient dungeon run. Simple as that. They usually then get kicked, leave, or change specs (sometimes they forgot to switch back from when they were doing PvP or something).

What I've noticed from fellow priests is that they try to rely strictly on Renew and Prayer of Mending. Honestly, from experience, it just doesn't work. Yet, somehow, they say they're great healers and that they don't wipe (or maybe that's because their tank has 230k health?). I strictly do Disc spec in dungeons, so I can say that yes, I use bubbles, and I'm proud of it. Do I rely on them? No. I really don't, because you can rely on them thanks to Weakened Soul, or your bubble breaking (which seems to be pretty often).

My usual routine in a dungeon is to bubble the tank, as well as use Prayer of Mending, use Greater Heal when a lot of damage is deal, but is not constant (or Penance if it's not on CD), Flash Heal when either my bubble is on CD, penance is on CD, and damage is coming quick. I use Divine Hymn only in rare emergencies, and renew on DPS that barely got a scratch (I tend to perhaps 'overheal', which when I say that I mean try and make them 100% always and not letting them under 75%).

But, really, I don't think Cata dungeons are really difficult, atleast not very difficult to me like I thought they were back when I had an ilvl of around 330 or lower. I found coming into Cata a little difficult, since I was OoMing more frequently and I felt my heals were underpowered (I was wearing Cata greens coming into it), but I have no problems doing HoT heroics and I did those when they first came out. I think it's becoming more balance as the expansion progresses, though I didn't find Cata dungeons very balanced at the beginning.

As for dumb DPS, I often have those. They'll stand in !@#$, but never complain if I don't use a LoF on them (which I never do and shouldn't have to do).

In the end, like others have said, there's always going to be bad tanks, bad dps, and bad healers in WoW, and that's just how it is. We'll also always have some trouble with new expacs in general, and new raids and dungeons that are either due to some kind of technical thing, being undergeared, or whatever. But eventually, though, it all gets sorted out and we get that cherished time where there is right balance, right gear, and right technicality...until the next expansion! :P
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