<Handle It> 25 Man Closing Down

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I really hate to post this, but Handle It's 25m Raid will be closing shop on Sunday. We were caught between 25m normals being too easy, and not having the roster/comp for 25 heroics. Rather than struggle along any further, the officers are calling it a day for the 25, and closing the books on 5 years of 25 man raiding, including Server First Algalon 25.

I'd like to thank everyone in HI who's been a part of an amazing experience. I'll miss it deeply. I'd particularly like to thank Upp, GreatThunder, and Hedonism, the founders and Raid Leaders, and my other officers Trask, Zhulla, Gunn, Vanderbos, and Moorhsum. Couldn't have done it without you.
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I'm very sorry to hear this as I have fond memories of the few times I got a chance to tag along. Knowing some of you guys, I'm sure you'll find success in whatever you choose to do next.
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=\ every 25m guild on this server is fading away...we're all that's left :o
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What can I say. 10m is the new 40m.

And no, I'm really not happy about this. Tonight we had a lovely time on Dragon Soul, and picked up the one Achievement we should've had all along (Many Whelps). But we were also losing people. We've struggled since summer with our roster, and to continue on without making realistic hard mode attempts just leads to more burnout.

Tonight was all the more bittersweet. We knocked out normal mode easily, despite stupidity like losing a tank due to the Internet Boss mid Deathwing. We're ending, but there are some ridiculously talented people in this raid, and I have had the privilege of liking everyone I raid with for a long time now. That's not to be underestimated. (I remember quitting a raid because someone thought it would be funny to drop ASCII swastikas in raid chat. And that was only the final straw.)

But I also remember spending literally weeks downing new bosses in Sunwell. Things have changed, and we just don't have the raiders. It's unfortunate, but life is change. All I can do is thank everyone in Handle It, and emphasize just how grateful I am for them all.
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:( Seems to be the norm thses days. I feel for those of you still want to do the 25M. I know some alliance guilds downd DW normal and said "That's It!" and said they were taking an extended break from raiding. Another guild lost a majority of their raiders to SWToR.

As one who never got a chance to get to do regular raiding or always lagging gear-wise and never got with decent raiders (until now). I see those exiting, leaving opportunity for those of us who want to see current raiding, giving people like me, room to get into regular raid groups.

my group does 10's as they are easier to get working versus coordinating 25 people. But I hope this is not the trend and 25's dissappear from our server cause I'd like to do both personally.
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I don't blame you. This tier is finishing the job Heroic LK and Rag started, and is utter anathema for the larger raid size. The difficulty jump from tens, ignoring comp "requirements" (I disagree with this for everything but spine, but whatever), is so ridiculous there is little incentive in continuing on in the larger raid size. The only good reason to keep slogging along is to avoid alienating any of your loyal and consistent raiders who wouldn't be consistently slotted in the restricted 10 man setting. Simply put, if you want progression, go tens. I don't think anyone begrudges the teams making these decisions, but for the health of the server I think it is tragic.

We make difficult decisions every day in an effort to continue making the game fun for our folks, and I'm not envious of you having to make this one. The sheer number of times we have been presented with the same terminal choice would surprise some folks, but I would rather quit than make that leap. Easier does not necessarily mean more fun, but to each his own. Big bummer no matter how you slice it. Anyway, best of luck.
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Sometimes WoW presents you with a dump you just can't flush, so you go and find a new toilet.
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(I remember quitting a raid because someone thought it would be funny to drop ASCII swastikas in raid chat. And that was only the final straw.)

It's funny you mention that...because I was in a raid where someone did that, back in Molten Core pre-BC. I wasn't in the guild...but I didn't hesitate to scream in vent and go ballistic telling that moron in detail how and why he was a complete idiot and the world would be better without him. lol! Ahhh memories...

But anyway, I'm sorry your guys 25 man has collapsed, MA hasn't been able to do 25's since mid-Wrath. This expansion particularly has hit us hard and we've lost some exceptional raiders...we've lost quite a few guild members in general to SWTOR. Which, funnily enough, plays a lot like vanilla WoW did.
I'm trying to set up a second 10 man Dragon Soul in order to get one of our members her legendary daggers, but for now I'm not sure we have enough alts to go around. Heh.
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