The Nights Watch is looking for healers and a tank to join our raiding ranks! We're currently working on Dragon Soul (5/8) and recently lost a few people to SWTOR and Graduate School. We raid Wed/Sun from 8:30pm to 11:30pm server.

We use Teamspeak (ek, gasp! what's that! Oh, its FREE!) which is usually filled with endless chattering!

Who we are:

The majority of us have been raiding together, earlier "Night Owls" and in recent times The Night Watch, since early WotLK. Originally formed from a hodgepodge of 8 guilds, it wasn't until late ICC that we all moved into a single guild. There are groups of folks who know each other outside of wow, but we're not exclusive in the least. We're actually a rather friendly bunch who are happy to help one another out, or call each other names over vent. While generally a more 'casual' lot, we put on a good raid face when we need to and are looking for folks who can do the same.

What we want in our peoples:

Have an understanding of the fights (at least from using LFR) and know how to not stand in the bad.

Please also, for the sake of all our sanity, know how to push a damn button! I've been amazed at how many folks cannot do this simple task! We will help you understand how to push it! I swear!

Good humor - we're a pretty decent group and have expectations our of our team's play skills, but equally important is to be a decent human being who knows how to laugh and not be an !@#.

If you're interested and would like to come for a trial run feel free to send myself or Madsin a tell, or just /who The Nights Watch and bother who ever is on at the time! (rarely is there no one on during peek game times) The best time to catch us, however, is just before raid start time!

If you're interested I would love to hear from you! Thanks!
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