“Horde Till the Death” is now recruiting. We are a down home good hearted group of players on the horde side of velen, looking for classes of all shapes and sizes. The prime focus of the guild is to have fun above all else, our philosophy is "if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right!” Leave your drama at home and come willing to learn, progress (as a player and a guild), and bond with some pretty cool people. Ultimately we are here to help everyone in the guild. If you need help with gear we can help, if you need help with builds we can help, if you need help with rotations, we can help. Even if you just want to sit in vent and make fun of a lock (that's me) we can accommodate! The lot of us have families and jobs and REAL LIFE that we tend too so hard core raid times and applications(and all the other shenanigans that comes with a hardcore raiding guild)are no where to be found in this guild.

We are currently level 9 with full intention and dedication to get to level 25. A majority of us have been playing for 5+ years and know the in's and out's of the game. We all have, at one time or another, been in a "hardcore" raiding guild and all agree, that's not what were looking for this time around. However, we would like to progress through some current in-game content. At the moment, we have approximately 50+ members and about 10-12 active every night, and we are working on "intro" raids such as BH and BWD.

If you’re looking for the "fast track" we’re probably not the guild for you. Casual is our favorite word, and do not intend on changing that fact. We do however love people that take initiative and set events on the calendars if there is something they want to do, can take a joke or two(as well as dish them out),and be willing to help out.

Currently, we are gearing up a dedicated 10 man raid grp, among other things. Again our main goal is to have fun and enjoy the GAME we all know and love., As well as going back and farming some achievements in "old world" content if that's your thing. As always knowing how to play your toon and having gear is a plus but in this guild it’s not mandatory, we are willing and able to help.

The only thing that is required from anyone is Guild loyalty, desire to play, and willing to learn.

What we offer:Standard guild stuff (i.e.: vent, 7 tab bank, free repairs ..etc)
Friendly and helpful members
Mature atmosphere, geared towards adults
Working towards weekend or evening raids
No drama, no begging, no handouts and no power leveling

Things were looking for in new members are:

People that enjoy playing the game, and are looking for a long term guild to call home.
A laid back personality, we like to have a good time together, try not to take things too seriously.
Age 18+ preferred (I believe our average member age is 20-40)
If you have any questions respond in thread or if you like what you see ask a member in game

Serious inquiries only please wsp in game: Suege/Hititnquitit/Rumplfoskin/Shadowbani/crugar(all will be happy to oblige with more info. thanks for your time, and as a caveat this is my first attempt to recruit and my first time posting on the forums, so please be kind and don't troll my >525 English skills lol