Sign the petition to stop SOPA

As you may know, Congress is voting on a bill to censor the internet (SOPA/PIPA) - a Big Brother-esque tactic that caters to already-rich companies at the expense of the commonfolk.

The internet mustn't be allowed to undergo censoring.

Sign the petition to tell Congress, "America doesn't want this".
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85 Human Warrior

I want my Netflix.
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90 Orc Warrior
Discussion forums would be done away with.
Wikis, ha! Wiki's are the first thing to go... user edited content is bad?
Open communication is bad?

I really don't understand why so many politicians thought this was a good idea. They're doing it the most asinine way possible, and want ISPs to regulate it, rather than do anything about DNS....

Like the red scare of the 40s/50s, this isn't about stopping piracy, it's about being able to call anyone a witch and see them burned at the stake.... or Call anyone a commie and see them never work again. The implementation of SOPA would mean that a mere ACCUSATION would cause a site to be blacklisted and not accessible through your ISP, no proof of infraction required.
Scarier still? All it takes is someone to access that blacklist that your ISP has (because all ISPs would need to keep their own list, and regularly all ISPs would have to update and share? these lists)... So yeah, the fallout of someone accessing such a list, could add anything to it, causing all sorts of chaos and interference in the free speech that is the internet.
It also means that your ISP could be subject to political and economic pressure to blacklist anything that dissents from the status quo. Like if your state is red enough, suddenly someone "hacked" the list and added HuPo on it. Or you know, I'm sure Anonymous would have Faux News on those lists in a matter of days... hours... minutes.
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100 Night Elf Druid
:] Signed!
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86 Gnome Warrior
While this bill has been walled for now there not done trying to push it though so all of us of the internet community need to keep an eye and ear out for anything we can do to help stop this and bills like it at any cost.
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14 Dwarf Paladin
Soap is BAD, k? Soap leads to bathing, and bathing is a SIN! Don't buy the soap.

McGuirth is a very astute dwarf.
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