Chronicles of Iron - Ironman danger spots

41 Night Elf Druid
Just a friendly reminder, please be careful of Ix'lar, he got the toon I was on before this one and I outleveled him considerably.
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31 Night Elf Druid
07/11/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Myronie
My apologies if this has been mentioned before. The quest in Desolace that turns you into a naga and then sends you off to fight. I didn't really have enough health to survive and so I tried to run off, only to find things were bugged in such a way that I couldn't get my feral keybinds back, even after I left the zone. I had to relog. Without access to my normal abilities or even shadowmeld it was all quite a close call and I don't think I could have safely completed it.

One of my ancestors had a similar experience when dealing with those Nagas in Desolace. Not sure if it was the same quest or a different one, but this quote may apply (from post #24):

02/09/2012 09:48 AMPosted by Ironworgen
Even though this is a 'vehicle' type quest and your action bars get hidden, you can still use those abilities through the hot keys if they are on an action bar other than the main (1 - 0, -, =) bar.

IronWorgen VI, level 31 Night Elf Druid
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1 Night Elf Priest
01/20/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Chronologer
Updated through post: #183

I have returned from my sojourn in exotic lands to dust off the Chronicle and bring it up to date for current and future travelers down the Path of Iron.

And welcome to our furry new friends!

My hope continues to be that the collected wisdom proves beneficial to others.
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11 Pandaren Monk
As I am just a scout doing recon for those to follow down this same road, my falling, while, unfortunate, does not diminish the value of the information I have acquired.

Panda starting zone: The Wandering Isle

Quest: The Sun Pearl
Feng-she, the serpent guarding the clam containing the pearl, was the first mob I encountered that threatened to bring me down. I had a choice to continue the fight or bail, but being in water I didn't think I would get far. Won the fight, but it was close. Just be sure you don't engage one of the Barbed Rays as well.

Quest: Dafeng, the Spirit of Air
My gung-ho attitude got the better of me as I ran straight into the building not realizing the raging storm inside was violent enough to claim my life. Wait and follow the advice of Aysa Cloudsinger for when it's safe to proceed.

Quest: Preying on the Predators
Tigers are sneaky and seemed to have a large aggro radius or something. Had three on me at once and it was too much. Be cautious here.

Quest: Evil from the Seas
Mobs usually stay in their own area, but these mobs keep constantly running into the area. Wasn't uncommon for me to be in combat and have another mob or two run into my aggro radius and attack. Be careful or stay close to Horde camp for added assistance from crewman.

Quest: The Healing of Shen-zin Su (?)
Again, mobs continue to enter the area so you can be in combat when one or more just run up to you. Be careful.
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15 Pandaren Monk
If you die until you chose Alliance or Horde as a Panda you really must have been afk.

Besides the flames in the tunnel to get the first spirit and the wind room where you need to wait there really is nothing that can kill you unless you do not pay attention. Plus you can easily escape by rolling away anytime you are in a tough spot.
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55 Night Elf Death Knight
Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave

Quest:The Endless Hunger
With a little practice it's actually pretty easy to beat the Unworthy Initiate.

Without any armor you need to keep your distance, and without a weapon there's no reason to get close anyways. Your attacks at this stage are limited to Icy Touch and Death Coil, from range.

Start by freeing an Initiate in the middle from behind while standing on the upper level. This allows you too attack from range while they must path around to get in melee range. Be careful as they can attack you if you are too close to the edge.

Attack and when they get close drop to the lower level and run, in the opposite direction of the Initiate, back to the top level and continue attacking.

It is possible to defeat the Initiate with plenty of health to spare. If things go poorly, just run away until the Initiate disengages and try again.

Quest:Death Comes From On High
Stay very high and move over each building. Lower down to analyze the building then return to altitude before moving to the next building. Should never be engaged in combat that way, and if you are just move up until you leave combat.

Acquire Gold and buy Armor
In the mines to the east, the Scarlet Miners are non-hostile and easy targets, even without armor or a weapon.

You may have to combat a couple Scarlet Infantrymen to enter the mines, but once inside just go in deep and there will be no hostile mobs. One can wait until Acherus Geists have engaged the Infantrymen to enter the mines a little more safely.

Once inside, you can freely farm as much money as you need, or want, to purchase the armor sold by Master Siegesmith Corvus. There are 7 pieces for armor which costs around 25 gold total.
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33 Night Elf Warrior
Bumping this as a general warning since MoP. If you want to try a Warrior now, it seems like it is going to be substantially more challenging than before.

I was watching videos and checking previous stats for Level 32 in Cata VS now and it apapears for Warriors atleast, that most Fury is rolled into specs and talents. From Cata to Mists, I lost Battle Shout, Overpower, and Rend. Gained a lot more health but practically gain no rage now so it makes using Execute or Heroic Strike a test of patience for a mere 30 rage.

Basically to summarize since I tested 1-5 and then continued from 32 onwards is that any quest that would give melee a challenge before is probably more challenging now. Not sure if the Cryo Core or final Bloodmyst quests for example would now be undoable but probably a bit harder.

For the Big Game hunting quests in Stranglethorn, it appears both Bhag'thera and Sin'Dall have had health boosted to 5K+. Could barely even bring the Tiger down to half health at 33 and it took several attempts to kill the Saberbooth of which the win was down to the wire.

Health regen is nearly non-existant now so pulling two mobs may very well be lethal.

Again not saying it's impossible but the difficulty for us has gone up. Just a FYI.
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31 Night Elf Warrior
Bumping for The Stalvan Quest (Mistmantle's Revenge) in Duskwood at 26...

It turns out that us Warriors can barely even keep up with damaging Stalvan now, post Cataclysm. Tolbias will start fighting immediately and I couldn't find a way (for a time or two) to even beat the quest because you have to have Stalvan actually aggro you.

A solution to hear that wonderful drum and bright red aggro lock is to go outside and fight a ghoul to where your health is mostly there and rage is near 100%. Walk back and trigger the dialogue before the fight starts, then work on finishing the ghoul off.

Once the fight's underway, charge Stalvan, and use Victory Rush if it hasn't worn off, and repeatedly unload with Heroic Strike twice or three times and a thunder clap if the rage is there, then Heroic Throw. Even though Tolbias will have already worked up some aggro, that quick fury might just be enough to have Stalvan aggro you for about two seconds. He'll switch to Tolbias and stay locked to him until Stalvan more than likely falls due to damage output.

If you kill Stalvan but don't ever get aggro from him, the quest won't show the kill and you'll have to go use the ring and fight Stalvan again.
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63 Night Elf Warrior
Update on the Stalvan quest. It looks like you now have to hold aggro (or at least orange level) for the entire fight once you engage. Fill to 100% range and use abilities (and a secondary re-charge) once it's off CD again. It should help you hold aggro for the fight.

Also bumping for:
The "Lurking Worgen" Quest (A Curse We Cannot Lift) now that MoP has buffed things.

As a warrior there at 27, the Worgen has almost double your HP. He took me down to almost 15% life left - and that was purposely starting the fight with as near 100% rage as possible, coupled with a heal mid-fight.

Might be easier for other classes but as a Warrior it's definitely a little nerve wrattling. The purple spirits / shades outside the stables aren't exactly pushovers either.

While I'm on Duskwood, I did want to comment on the Raven Hill graveyard ghouls too.

Plague Spreaders - Just DPS down, not too bad if you're 27+
Bone Chewers - If you can get to 28+ in Duskwood, you get Disarm. It really, well, takes the bite out of these guys' damage.
Rotted ones - No real issue, just keep whacking 'em.
Flesh Eaters - These are the real nasty guys. They have a 6 second buff which has them regain 5% of their health per tick. If you have to fight for an extended period of time they'll use the buff several times, making any seeming chance of victory short-lived (they'll gain 350HP+ repeatedly). You can try to heal up during their nom time or continue to stop their health regen but you'll probably live with <30% life.

Tonight however, I was noticing that Charge is usable all the time in all stances since MoP and tried it on a ghoul. Good case in point is it will not only give you free rage, but it will interrupt the eater's buff and health regen . You can certainly use it once during a fight, maybe twice. It won't make the fight a pushover but it will help you live with ~50%+ health perhaps. Feel free to Charge and stun them - it'll make your life a lot easier.
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63 Night Elf Warrior
As a heads up, apparently the (new) rare silver Nychus in Dustwallow Marsh is quite nasty even if you're overleveled. There's such little data about it on WoWhead that I even had to submit data and an image of him. Found him near the Bloodfen Burrows while on the Goreclaw quest from Mudsprocket.

Basically, raptor, silver, level 39. GREEN! Hits for roughly 200 a hit on mail even at 44. Barely took the guy down (15% health left) despite getting a good bandage tick off. Significantly tougher than the already rough-playing red Bloodfen raptors.

IMC melee definitely want to engage him with Victory Rush active or at minimum, 100% rage or whatever else you're building up for attacks. This guy appeared to also charge but thankfully missed. He didn't seem to rend or stun but I also really didn't let him try to get anything else off. You are now warned
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63 Night Elf Warrior
Zone: Western Plaugelands
Quest: Bagging Bisp

Bisp has about 2200 health or so, and has some nasty spells that'll hit hard if you're not able to keep him interrupted, and his melee attacks hit for around 120 or so. May not matter so much for folks running around in mail armor, but definetly something to watch out for if you're squishy. For mages, it's best that you get out of the tower ASAP since it gives you little to no room to make use of your kiting skills Mage Ward will be your best friend since it'll give you an extra 200-300 damage buffer.

Just did Bisp tonight (haven't tried this quest before). He's up to 8.3K HP and hits for 150 or so on plate. Not sure about mail but yeah, might need to heal in there. Good luck.
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55 Worgen Hunter
Zone: Feralas
Quest: To New Thalanaar, The Grimtotem are Coming

Normally, I stick to the roads to avoid opposing faction camps, but in Feralas, the main road leads directly into the Horde camp, Camp Mojache, and into the jaws of two irate guards. The camp is in the central-eastern portion of the map. The main road east of the camp is not safe either; three Horde camp guards patrol this section of the road.

The Alliance camp, New Thalanaar, is at the end of the main road on the far east of the map, so take the long way around, south of Camp Mojache, to reach it. There is a conveniently-placed fallen tree that will help get you across the lake south of Camp Mojache.
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55 Worgen Hunter
Zone: Badlands
Quest: The Sorrow and the Fury

For this quest and several leading up to it, you control the three Lost Vikings as pets. The good news is they are able to kill elites by themselves. The bad news for classes with pets, like Hunters and Warlocks, is that they replace your normal pet and pet bar. It is a good idea to become very proficient in using them before taking on the quest, The Sorrow and the Fury, in which you take on a level 47 elite dragon in hilly terrain among her whelps.

That's right, the dragon has whelps and also often casts fear, which sends all four of you into random directions to greet said whelps.

First, be aware that two of the Lost Vikings are melee classes and will not engage in combat unless they are in melee range. You can use their abilities, such as Charge and Taunt, outside of melee range, but they will just stay by your side if you are too far away from the enemy. For ranged DPS classes, you have to initially move into melee range with the enemy and then move away after the Vikings start attacking by themselves.

Second, select where to fight the dragon. You can pull the dragon in the center of the area, but there are too many whelps there. Kill all the whelps leading up to the center of the area and then pull the dragon to where you initially encountered whelps. This is a distinctive spot: it has a very high rock wall that you can barely walk over. Pull her over this wall and fight her away from the whelps. When she fears, no one will be feared into the whelps (and suffer a 50 dkp minus xD).

The Lost Vikings can kill her on their own, but not if the whelps get involved. If any of them die, just re-enter the zone or re-log in the zone, all three Vikings will re-spawn next to you.
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55 Worgen Hunter
Zone: Wetlands
Quest: The Stolen Keg

Like caves, be aware of bunkers and the aggro distance between floors of the bunker. In the quest to kill the Dragonmaw orcs and recover the quest item, you may encounter a level 20 rare, Ma'ruk Wyrmscale, on the top floor of a bunker. The bunker has a similar layout to the ones in Alterac Valley. He has two normal orcs with him as well and they all come together. The confined space and three mobs killed my ancestor level 22 Warlock when they aggro'd from the floor above.

Others have noted that this rare also runs to find his friends when he is low on health.
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55 Worgen Hunter
Zone: Azshara
Quest: Survey the Lakeshore
Faction: Horde

This quest killed two of my ancestors on the Horde side.

You escort a goblin surveyor to three markers and defend her while shades spawn as she surveys. In addition, there are normal mobs that may aggro around you.

It is possible to have 4-5 mobs attacking you and the goblin simultaneously during each surveying, because you cannot dps the mobs fast enough. If you do this quest, clear the area around marker beforehand and be careful not to get too close to a marker or the event will start.

Ironmen typically have low DPS, low health, and have difficulty with CC. I would avoid any quests asking you to "defend X from spawning mobs while Y happens."
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63 Night Elf Warrior
Ok, while I know I ramble on a lot for Warriors, I do feel this one's a legit warning to all classes since MoP dropped.

Zone - Eastern Plaguelands
Lots of quests here in general that are quite challenging and potentially deadly. You can certainly do some as melee but try to be as far above zone level as possible.

Zone - Thousand Needles
The Grimtotem bosses that you have to kill for quests in Thousand Needles are quite buffed, even from Cataclysm. Sorry if it's already been mentioned but I'll point out my thoughts briefly:

1. Isha Gloomaxe - Level 42 Gold Elite with 16.510 HP.
Charge and stun her, unload some attacks, disarm her immediately and allow your Sentinel to grab hold. I was trying this at level 51 with 3.3K HP so not a chance you'll last if trying this alone anywhere near level. Her Cleave hits for between 400-900 on Plate. HARD. She killed my Sentinel with about 3K HP left and I melded after seeing nearly a 1K hit come on my screen. Thankfully the Sentinel appeared and reengaged her before she left entirely so from there the Tauren died a fast death.

Really though, be far above level so you can parry or miss her attacks. If she connects a few hits in a row (within say, 5 seconds as she does swing quite fast), you may be toast. Definately not a quest boss to play with.

2. Elder Stormhoof - Level 42 Gold Elite with (wow) 33,020 HP!
This fight went similarly for me as my attempts back in Cataclysm. Even MORE awesome fire effects and especially Earth/Air effects and slightly increased damage it seems so if you're trying this on a system that can barely handle WoW, you might want to turn effects down for this fight. Didn't touch any of the burning stuff to know how much it'd hurt. We both killed this guy without any issue.

3. Grundig Darkcloud - Level 42 Gold Elite with 19,812 HP
Simple enough, charge in and unload and allow your Sentinel to grab aggro. He'll continuously cast a Blood Rush icon that'll boost his damage and attack speed by 10% per use, up to a stack of 20. I found it helpful to disarm him past about a dozen stacks since that's where he'll noticably start hurting the Sentinel. Ended that fight with her at 3K HP and I didn't really get hit so not sure how hard he'd connect at say, 20 stacks.

4. Arnak Grimtotem - Level 43 Gold Elite with 17,160 HP.
Start out on him, then a little bit in he'll call two Stompers (regular Tauren with 3K HP each), followed by two Reavers with about the same HP. Needless to say, 5 Tauren on your Sentinel and she simply can't keep up for more than 20 seconds or so. Definitely do not want to be anywhere near that mess of mobs once she dies and they all come after you . Aggro cut off point is just past the stone support on the bridge you walked on to get to Arnak's platform so melding isn't always necessary. At least one of the mobs can do a slowing stun for 2-3 seconds so that could mean a whole world of hurt if you hang near the bosses' tent for too long.

Can't get him more than halfway down currently so all save Hunters may need to skip this quest for now.
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Zone: Northern Barrens
Quest: Wenikee Boltbucket

An NPC goblin offers to teleport you to the quest mob, but neglects to tell you that you will arrive a hundred feet off the ground. The fall damage killed me; however, I was mounted at the time I asked for the teleport.

If I was dismounted, I do not know if a parachute would have opened. I would recommend dismounting before any NPC engineer transport.
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27 Night Elf Rogue
No idea why, but I'm fascinated / determined to level an iron rogue. It's the Challenge of Challenges.

So in honor of the past 40 or so rogue toons of mine who have died trying, here's some rogue wisdom:

1. Don't do escort quests. The escorted will aggro everything in sight and get you killed.
2. Stealth down to the farms south of Goldshire and slay some bacon. No enemies in the farmyards. It'll give you experience as well as something to sell on the AH - boar meat.
Plus, you'll need a little cash to level your First Aid. Bandages are quite handy when doing water quests and other emergencies. (Gouge, bandage, hope you have enough health before you get hit again.)
3. Darnassus for leather and blades up to level 30.
4. My M.O. is to start in Dolanaar and switch to Elwynn as soon as possible, around level 5. Go into human start area and do the quests there after you gear up in Dolanaar, because the human leather stuff is not as good. Plus the Dolanaar vendor has better blades.
5. Avoid The Relics of Wakening quest. In fact, spend as little time as possible in any tunnel. Stealth in, ambush your man, stealth / hearth out. Live to see another day.
6. Avoid Murlocs. Avoid Murlocs. Avoid Murlocs.
7. When swimming to get from one zone to another safely from Westfall area to Eastvale logging camp, be careful not to get too close to the Duskwood side or some hyper-raging bear will make short work of you for trespassing that side of the stream. Yes, even if you're pretty close to the middle. *Shakes fist at bear.*
8. Avoid the Tower in Westfall. Too dicey with too many enemies on the outside.
9. Use your normal rogue strategy for mobs - stun, ambush loners on the edge of a mob area. Or stun one and ambush the other if there are two. Avoid threesomes. (Good advice in any scenario.)
10. Take advantage of inns to keep your health at max rested state and keep poisons and bandages on a hotkey. If you have room, keep a set of the next level gear and blades with you; otherwise, you'll be dashing back to vendors every few levels.

In exchange for that valuable info, can anyone tell me if there's a website or resource that tells you which vendor sells which level leather / weapons? That'd be greatly appreciated.
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29 Night Elf Rogue
Advice for the Ironman Challenger Night Elf Rogue

Greetings, Rogue Adventurer!
I have heard of your desire to join the ranks of the Ironmen. While this is a worthy goal, it is also a nearly impossible one. Nevertheless, you asked for my advice and you shall have it.

One of your first goals is to buy Stilettos from the Dolanaar vendor; take the ride to Darnassus, but instead of returning to Dolanaar, take the ship to Stormwind and pick up the two-to-three delivery jobs inside Stormwind Trade District. Humans like to pay for deliveries, it seems, and you can pick up some spare change in a short time. Humans also have a rather unique linear mathematical system that generates rating of fighting ability, called “Levels.” When in Stormwind, do as the humans do, use the system to help you choose your employment opportunies. Refrain from attacking enemies at your level or higher, instead choosing levels one or more below your level. It’s a decidedly different system from ours, and I have often thought that one day, when our objectives were finally accomplished, I would study these cultural novelties, just for entertainment’s sake.
Then, head away from Stormwind and go to the Northshire Valley. You will notice that the leather sold by the vendor is of poor quality compared to ours; do not buy there. Do not equip the gifts they offer. Rather, choose the highest-value item and sell it to the vendor. Complete the Alliance objectives there despite their ease in order to gain good standing with the humans, as they pay well. I also highly recommend ridding that area of one Kobold, Gug Fatcandle, who stands in the Echo Ridge Mine entrance and drops the 4-slot Fatcandle bag, which vendors for 2 silver 50 copper.
There is a small band of cutpurses between SW and Northshire valley that I take extreme pleasure in harassing every time I pass near. Cutpurses don’t even take the trouble to fancy themselves defenders of a noble cause; they are plain thieves who make life miserable for the honest folk who live nearby. I highly recommend avenging the local populace by turning the tables on those cutthroats, and even to the point of forcing them to give up a valuable bag or two, if you’re lucky.
Next, to Stormwind. See the leather merchant Lara Moore in Lionheart Armory, Trade District, with whom you might already be acquainted. Cash in your unnecessary items and gear up.
From there, head to Goldshire. Not my favorite place. Rather bawdy and crude, compared to home. Ignore the duelers in the streets, join with no one here. But make your home at the Inn and prepare yourself for further adventures, which will present themselves summarily. Beware the Murlocs.
Become friendly with the farmers south of the town, and they will let you have your fill of bacon from their stead, and look the other way if you are so full of the stuff that you vendor it for other necessaries. You also might find you have goods to sell on the Auction House in Stormwind, which will greatly increase your ability to upgrade your gear.
Don’t be tempted to stay away from the Inn and rest for too long, however, else you will find yourself depleted at an inopportune time and get injured – or killed. Always remember to stealth an area before you strike.
In the Westfall / Sentinel Hill area, avoid the entire area around the structure they call the Tower, where you may rendezvous with Agent Kearnan, but do not agree to go into that heavily guarded Tower. Likewise, do not be flattered and eager for treasure when you find Captain Sanders’ Treasure Map. It’s a trick and not worth the effort. You may take great pleasure in looting and pillaging all the Murlocs and Riverpaw, as they are having a devastating impact on an already –depressed area. And what can I say of the Kobold tunnel rats in the Jangolode Mine? But be silent/stealthed and choose your targets carefully, and you should prevail.
Around the time your orders send you to Westfall, you might want to travel back to Stormwind Dwarven District and take the tram to Ironforge, and from there, take a short flight to Loch Modan. Dwarves also pay well for your services. Do not partake of their drink, however, or you’ll soon find yourself giving your hard-earned pay back to them. Their brew is not the gentle wine of Darnassus; brace yourself, be polite, and sip with a poker face, and only pretend to guzzle as they do, or you will find yourself nursing an aching head and dry mouth in the morning.
As I said, their jobs are fairly straightforward , as they are, and I would only like to warn you that a certain female by the name of Cannary Caskshot in the Thelsamar Inn may try to get you to don a disguise and throw pheromes on a Mosshide enemy (one of the Axis of Awful), and at that point, you should refuse firmly, as the enemy is standing in the midst of a gang of Murlocs and the situation could easily turn deadly for you. At that point, you might better head over to Farstrider Lodge and talk to my old friend Bingles, where you will find plenty of work.
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51 Night Elf Druid
Thanks for all the good advice! Long life to all of you!
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