<Elite Pokémaster League> is LFM!

First, let me get this out of the way... I know it's lame/funny/gay/whatever, I realize this.

I had made this character a long time back to simply run around the world yelling the Pokémon theme song for lulz. Then a while later, Mists of Pandaria is announced. I'm sitting and watching BlizzCon on the live stream and listening to the guy go on about the new "pet battles" feature. Every point he made about it made it sound more and more like Pokémon, and the crowd was laughing hysterically. At that point, I knew it was fate. I had to make this character into something more than a simple /yell troll.
I knew I truly had to strive to be the very best.

So I've created a guild for it.

I know Spinebreaker is "dead" and all that, but I know plenty of people are probably burned out on the game, and I think this is a cool(if ridiculously cheesy) opportunity to do something completely different.
So the idea is to have a guild where people can focus on the pet battles system in the upcoming expansion. We could compete based on amount and variety of companion pets, how well you do at battling, or even just goof off for laughs.

I'm now looking for someone else who would be interested in this(even if just on an alt) to help me run it and organize things. If they wanted to even build up a raiding group on the side that would be fine.
I just need someone to help spread the word and recruit, keep things somewhat organized, and have a good time.
Further down the road once MoP is out we could hold "league events" and meetups to have battles and things like that.

So whether you're actually a Pokémon fan(I personally disregard them after 151), or just want something a little different to do in WoW, please consider joining and helping the guild grow!

You can message me in-game for an invite if I'm online, or send mail letting me know you're interested.

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You'll never get my gym badge!
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01/23/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Ryû
You'll never get my gym badge!
It could actually be an interesting idea to have guild officers (which are actually currently called "Gym Leader")with "badges" and have it as a way for people to rank up in the guild.
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Well it's been a couple days and we've got a few members so far... building up slowly but surely.

Please let us know if you're interested!

And keep in mind that companion pets will be across all characters in MoP so you could make a new alt for this and then once the expansion is out you'll have access to all your other pets.
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they should also alllow some type of Pokedex (aka Betting window) which connects during fight and allows us to put in our bets and winner takes all on completion of fight.

If you guys remember they did have this feature during the Mountain Dew promo with the warbots.....sadly even then not many people were doing it even though it did have the fuel req
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Frostmourne and The Scourge support this thread.
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Oh hey this thread's still here.
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