Radioactive was formed at the end of patch 4.2 and in 2 short months we formed from the ground up and completed 7/7n firelands 2/7h firelands.

We aspire to do even better this patch, currently we are 6/8 normal and have reopened recruitment to dedicated, experienced, and progression minded people. currently we are not accepting melee, mages, resto shamans, or prot paladins. All other classes are welcome to whisper me in trade or contact me through mail. we are accepting all roles except melee dps. Our minimum requirements are that you have an item level of 378, know the inner workings of your classes theory crafting, and a minimum exp of 4/8 in normal dragon soul.

Dps must be able to pull 25k dps, this is a MINIMUM standard for raiders at 378 ilvl. We will not run with more than 4 on any one tier token, this has caused slowness of gearing problems in the past and will be addressed by avoiding the situation.

Any tank coming on will be expected to have an offset for dps as many of the fights in both normal and heroic only require a single tank. This person will be held to the same standards as the dps for their numbers output when they are dpsing, some slack will be given if gear is a bit dated.

Healers will be expected to have a dps os as well since many of the fights only require 2 healers. This includes all of normal mode and select hardmodes. Healers are at a peak of power in this tier, massive mana pools and a large number of secondary stats makes mana longer the issue it used to be. Once again when it is time to do a 2 healing fight the healer switching to os will be held to the same standards as the main dps, meaning 378 ilvl = 25k dps.