Low populated realm. (Blue Update on OP)

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As you can see I transferred off, even after starting this thread. I just wanted to see if they would give me a free transfer before I paid for it. Of course, they did not. I would still love to see Bloodscalp return to its former glory, as I am still playing a Paladin here. But, as some have said, nothing will be done until Mists of Pandaria. At this point, any type or form of agreeing with this subject is completely wasted time, as they are not focused on fixing some of the major broken problems, such as low pop realms. They want to fix unbroken talent trees. They want to fix the problem that don't exist in 3s, 5s, and RBGs. They want 2s to rule everything because some people can't compete competitively. They want to change the way the entire talent system is set up to suit new players in order to get those new players to keep playing, because we all know the people still playing are capable of, and will, adjust to the new way of talent trees. I do appreciate all of the attention this thread has gotten, but as of now, it is completely unneeded because as of yet we know that they don't plan to fix any population problem until MOP, and it is not with mergers, but with some other idea they have. However, I do still, again, thank all of the support this thread has gotten. It received 10 fold what I originally expected from Bloodscalp, but, when the time comes, Bloodscalp always shows itself. If you want change now, you'll have to suck it up and pay $25.

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Bump. Its hard being on a low pop server. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a TB with less than 5 on each side.
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/ signed
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Looks like Blizz has released their idea about how to solve this problem. They give lots of details in their blog post.
Here is the post I made to give notification to this technology they are trying out in beta: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4903420927
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05/10/2012 02:06 PMPosted by Setonas
Looks like Blizz has released their idea about how to solve this problem. They give lots of details in their blog post.

If this is there actual idea, it does nothing to solve the actual problem.

Would be nice to know if this is there "fix" or if something more is coming so people can plan accordingly (i.e. get off Bloodscalp).
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Merge Bloodscalp please! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!
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Yes please /signed
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