<The Replacements> 10-man recruiting healers

We're currently recruiting healers to fill our main raid and alt raid. Depending on gear and experience we will decide which group to put you in. Also recruiting a ranged dps.

Paladin: Holy high demand

Mage: Fire/Arcane

Priest: Disc/Holy/Shadow high demand
Druid: Resto/Boomkin high demand

Currently: 1/8 heroic Dragon Soul

Raid Times: Tuesday 8:00pm-11:00pm, Wednesday 8:00pm 11:00pm (EST)

If you have any further questions and concerns please whisper in game to Swagger, Weedwacker, Ahlaundoh.

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100 Tauren Warrior

This week's raid: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-debsb475zn1591mo/

The people who didn't rank most likely didn't beat their extremely high ranks from last week (Swagger #1 on Deathwing by over 4k, etc)

join us we need healers
Edited by Ahlaundoh on 1/25/2012 8:13 PM PST
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Replacements easily best players on realm factoring PvE and PvP we could kill more bosses if our healers didn't stink (aside from Weedwacker).
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Kid you have 13,415 achievement points, please leave this thread you !@#$ing geek you aren't even on this server. Maybe instead of trolling the forums you could go learn your rotation or get good at pvp instead of collecting world of warcraft pixel pets %^-*ing virgin
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
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We are not best at PvE no, with 2 more solid healers we would be. We are best in the aspect of actually being GOOD. High rated RBGs, Arena, etc. Only guild with Gladiators on the server which is pathetic, idgaf about PvE i just want to get the legendarys. Our guilds dps smashes every other guilds. Besides memfat.... He is fat. Anyways I'm done arguing with some kid on world of warcraft forums... PS. I hear theres a rare pet in deepholm in a cave... NERDLOLCY@
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24-6 is barely hitting 2.2k as triple dps.. 80 percent win/loss? Are you !@#$ing dumb? LOL
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HAHAHAHA I didn't even realise this virgin just took my first post and left out the PvP part.
Are you that big of a loser that you quote me and intentionally leave out key words to try to make me look dumb? Clearly anyone can read i said PvE AND PvP.

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01/26/2012 07:57 PMPosted by Peachgrove
I would say grats but then I looked at your team members, lol carried son.

Ahl is amazing yes, Zulvs first time hitting 2k and 2.2k was with me in 3s, must be a coincidence? I hit 2.2k on 3 other teams with the guild and left them? We'd be even higher if Zulv wasn't on vacation. I heard double rogue hunter is a really op comp
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1 Undead Priest
I hear lolookatmywelfaredaggers is getting trolled by peach, /discuss
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