Content: 10-man normal mode Dragon Soul
Progress: 6/8
Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Open Slots: 1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers and maybe 1 DPS that can consistently break 30k.

Monologue (Last updated: 01/28/12):
We have good raiders that aren't always able to be on for raids. It's slowing our progression. We're working on Spine of Deathwing. We're willing to invest time in you if you're willing to invest time in us. Any charismatic individual that's willing to show up and perform while not studying to be a mime will climb the totem pole fairly quickly. Don't complain that our officers always get a spot. We're not just officers, we're main raiders with more responsibilities. Folks that show up consistently and perform well with a good attitude have higher priority on spots than well... folks that don't quite meet those standards. This is Horde-side Antonidas; it's not hard to look good. Whisper Egeria, Cavina or Kenren in that order of priority close to our raid time or post on this thread. However, I have an unreliable short-term memory. So, this may be the last time I ever look at this thread. And I am seriously more eccentric than the things posted here would lead you to believe.

Disclaimer: Don't ignore any walls of text in this post and then complain that you weren't informed of something on the recruitment post.

Our Loot Rules (Technically a longer monologue than the monologue section):
1 *competitive* main-spec win per night. If somebody else does a legitimate main-spec roll against you for an item and you win, that's your loot for the night unless there is no *main-spec* competition on a later item. If there are no main-spec rolls for an item, the item becomes eligible for any off-spec roll that isn't stupid like a Feral Druid rolling on an AGL one-hander. Off-spec rolls are unlimited. Most of us already have most, if not all, the gear we need to push into heroic mode. It's possible to get in and make out like a bandit on items that would otherwise be sharded. If you're new, our Main Raider or higher ranked members can "pull rank" on you for main-spec if you won the item and they got the second highest roll. We're not in the business of gearing up new recruits so they can leave and join another guild once they got some loot. PUGs are immune to rank pulls as they are basically doing us a favor by filling an empty raid slot for the night. If you consistently show up, perform adequately, and not !@#$%, you'll get promoted at a stead pace. Our raid leader reserves the right to withhold loot if he/she legitimately believes that the winning roll doesn't adhere closely enough to our loot policy.
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