Vote Kick abuse LFR

Since when is common courtesy considered "babysitting"?

I agree, there are a lot of ways to learn the fights or at least get an idea of what you will be doing for the next 20-30 mins. I get that. BUT. .

Someone already posted on how easy and quick it is to give a simple explanation before each fight. Certainly has to be faster than wiping, vote kicking, waiting for full group--hoping some !@#$%^ doesn't start the fight or pull before anyone is ready.

I know. . being polite. .. being nice to other folks. .'s just, just sooooooooo darn HARD!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
01/29/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Blinxia
And it's damn sure a higher priority than pandas - at least if you want to have what other companies refer to as "SATISFIED" customers. If all you care about is your monthly fee, fine. Continue as you are. The sheep will follow. If you actually have any pride in your work, however, fix the vote kick feature because every single day it gets abused by people who are usually the ones responsible for the badness... which just makes it worse.

Of course Blizz won't fix this, they ARE only worried about their cash cow, that's why it's so easy to level, and why they're taking the intelligence out of the spec trees, as well as the game in general and forcing eveyone to play the same way. They also won't fix the Need Before Greed system which is also very fail atm, as well as several other issues with the game (like no-fly zones in Silvermoon/Azuremist areas, trade chat, with people spamming Anal this or that, or that retarded 60 epic sword). They are making it easier than ever to play so that kids like my 9 year old can play as well as the idiot adults out there, thereby making them even MORE money.
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85 Goblin Mage
24 (or 23 in your particular case) random people with you = pretty high possibility to get couple jerks that trigger typical crowd behavior.

Here is my experience - just turned 85 doing RAF, skipped Ramkahen, so on me a mix of Deepholm and Highlands gear, augmented by craftable PVP pieces. First two HoT heroics with great tank me on this mage and two noob dps (RAF), random pug healer. Third one was all PUG (very good and understandable group).

With quest items, robe and dagger that dropped I am exactly at ilvl 372 and of course queue into LFR.

I was on all fights between 5th and 10th place with around 18k dps.

First one to be kicked was a full LFR geared DK tank who apparently did not feel like following basic mechanic this particular run. The main tank, feral druid had slightly better mix of gear than I, yet finished the rest of the fights without any problems,.

You can be new, you can be geared, it is not LFR that make experience it is attitude of people who you happened to be placed with.
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90 Human Warlock
02/14/2012 02:45 AMPosted by Asane
it's on you to learn how to play the game

There is no excuse for a Votekick on someone only trying their best -- it's a power frequently abused by the children of this game.
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85 Worgen Hunter
I had a ret pally in vicious gear (season 9) try to call me out yesterday after a wipe on Madness. What he failed to realize was he didnt add my pet damage, and the fact that I had been running 1st-3rd on every single fight. I was doing as much damage as him (35kish) without adding my BM pet, which was another 16k.

He tried to call me out, got blasted by several people, and was immediately kicked. !@#$%^-s like that need to know their place. If he hadnt been such a moron to call me out, he wouldnt have been kicked.

I also had someone try to vote kick my pet a few weeks back, because my pet was like 16th on the damage charts. I, of course, scolded my pet for not doing more damage and brought out another spirit beast. People in LFR are so pro.
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Was she dpsing the right things? wash she switching targets? High numbers mean nothing if you don't dps correctly.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Just to counter the general "LFR is a terrible place" vibe here:

I was in an LFR where someone#1 on the dps meters was abusing those at the bottom and demanding kicks. Someone said "you know, if we kicked this guy, this might be a pleasant run", and bang, he was gone. Run was smooth as butter the whole time, so why stress that someone was pulling 14k?
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90 Human Paladin
02/20/2012 06:28 PMPosted by Jashiliter
Run was smooth as butter the whole time, so why stress that someone was pulling 14k?

Did you heal the run?. Guess what they probably spammed their little hearts out, most of the shortfalls in tanking and dps get covered by the healers till the point they can't. ie 1 shots, healers running oom. Getting better gear for healers normally means it you can carry more fail before you wipe.

02/20/2012 12:28 AMPosted by Sorcererkes
There is no excuse for a Votekick on someone only trying their best

How do you know they where doing their best? Sorry we can't assume that everybody we run into is a 80 iq moron who is really trying.
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85 Troll Priest
02/20/2012 12:28 AMPosted by Sorcererkes
it's on you to learn how to play the game

There is no excuse for a Votekick on someone only trying their best -- it's a power frequently abused by the children of this game.

Fun fact you should know: A lot of people who claim to be trying their best, really aren't.
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