Warsong is no more High Population

85 Blood Elf Hunter
When you google Warsong it is still recognized as high population server

but it is EMPTY and auction house is ruined.

please merge server or even just an auction house with other server.

can't get a food for a raid and materials for professions

and gems are too expensive with low population.
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85 Undead Death Knight
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12 Tauren Druid
I picked a "High" population PvP server (Warsong). Seemed really quiet. I scanned the Auction House with Auctioneer. 7000 items on Horde side, 1100 on Alliance side. Moon Guard on Alliance side tends to have around 40000 items on it most any time I scan. "Low" is a bit optimistic for the realm population here.
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14 Tauren Shaman
this server is dead i play full time here been winning tolboras for 2 weeks now on main cause no ally, cant get groups for raids or buy anything from auction when they took out all the brazillians the server went with them, blizzard needs to do something i payed 50 bucks to transfer my two 85s here for the high population only to be in a sever more dead then my old one
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85 Tauren Shaman
I got 2 alts on Warsong, but even though my main isn't there, it bothers me to find 1000-ish items on AH. I was looking for some gear for my night elf druid and there were NO USABLE ITEMS for her. How can AH have no leather armor up to level 42??

At that same time, I went into the "WHO" window and hit enter with no filter and got 26 people online on alliance's side. Sad.

At first I wished I could transfer those alts to where most people went (the brazillian realms), but now I'd be happy with a transfer to any server with much higher population.

Now, some real statistics (numbers were just obtained):

Warsong really died, and ironically, right now, it shows as FULL on realm list. Let me log in and see how many people I can find.... .... .... 8 people in Stormwind. 16 people at lv85 (all maps). Total of 57 people online (25 Lv1-50 + 32 Lv51-85).

Alliance has 119 people up to lv84 and 49+ on lv85 on Altar of Storms (since I can't find more than 49 people I'm guessing this number is probably much higher).

On Lightninghoof, there are and 202 people now from lv1-84 and 49+ (of course) Lv85. Alliance side also.

With these numbers in mind, I guess I'm not the only one expecting some action to balance the server's population. For now, I think just setting the population tag to Low would at least prevent people from thinking the server is a good option...
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
If u find a Ally u win a achv =pp
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83 Worgen Warrior
Worggy here,

I went to Stormwind, found no one. The Town Center (of Stormwind) was completely empty. Auction house was just as bad (I sell things loot and all materials for proccessing by stacks) no one buys any loot and its sad to see. I heard they merge, they should go for it I got to level 60 to find out no one wants to invite me to do anything. Its so hard to find allies in PvE and I am destroyed about this. Oh, Yeah, Goldmaster, my guild it is the only guild that is online, somehow, I, send 10 requests, and I only get one invite. I, have been, on Warsong and it use to have more people, I want to change servers and start over; go to the server said above me (my post) and start, from scratch. I might learn if I can be a Death Knight, because I got, a lvl 60. Well, I see you, got to get back to my computer, and start, the change.


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19 Night Elf Druid
So, quick back story. My friend who had gotten me into the game just told me he quit so i decided what the hell, I'm going to go play on a full server. So i scrolled all the way down, saw the big red full and clicked. I just showed up to Warsong two days ago and i must say i am attached. For some reason, maybe its the story about the best PVP server back in the day, maybe i am just stupid. Maybe because as the only person who could be new to the server in the whole of this month i feel obligated to try to restore Warsong back to its former glory. I want to throw out a realistic solution to this problem. Please go to all you other servers. Find your friends. Tell them to make some guys on Warsong. Tell them what is wrong with the server. Then tell them the truth. Tell them that they will become the saviors of this server. Blizz has shown that it will NOT help us. So we need to do this ourselves.

If you have any questions, ask away.
I am posting this to most if not all Warsong posts, trying to get the word out. We need to bring it back.
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80 Troll Shaman
Yea, I thought this was a FULL server since that's what it says when you're looking through the server list but its so empty. I feel like I'm playing on my own... I'm going to transfer out of this server more then likely :l
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90 Troll Rogue
where the heck everyone went off to? back in like 5 months ago there was tons of action and raids now its empty as a abandoned house....dont tell me everyone went to the famous server illdan lol :O
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41 Blood Elf Priest
did blizzard give any reply about it? the auction house turned useless, just as the entire realm itself, they can't leave it like that.

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