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I'm starting this thread as a humorous way to throw out whatever events in Gul'dan seem newsworthy. More than likely, the only toons that will read this are the hardcore forum and in-game trollers without whom Gul'dan would not have developed it's unique subculture. I've only been on this server since '09, but recognition is given to those on Gul'dan (Horde & Alliance) who have made a lasting impression starting with:

Opalsblossam (most famous toon on the server, known for setting up picnics in Orgrimmar)

Atomicpink (one of the mosted famous horde trade chat personalities)

Patoff (one of the most talked about)

Phen (one of the most formerly noted trade chat personalities with a taste for pvp)

Sekstual (former and current trade chat personality with a hint of pvp)

Faunts (claimed by some to be the King of Gul'dan)

Samej (former trade chat personality)

Hemo (best geared toon on the server)

CK (most notable alliance ganker - lives for pvp)

Matoukz (former Gul'dan raider with a consistent ability to piss people off)

If there are others that should be added to this extraordinary list, please send me a mail in game to edit this post.

On with the news!
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So I hear that Phat Loot n Epix is now the #1 PvE guild on the is this possible if they don't have Patoff?
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Bam! I read it and I'm not a forum and/or trade chat troll.

On a side note, I've been on this server since BC launch and I only know like half of these people.
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Opalsblossom, Gul'dan's friendliest native, and resident Night Elf in Orgrimmar.

Ripplelol, as cute IRL as in game.

Vargas, check your shirt. There's a 98% chance he made it.

Terrific.. just Terrific.

Amatia: Twizzler girl, and a good friend of mine.

Drettok/Karnnage, the Hero Gul'dan deserves.

Gavevoli, Duuaaaad, a canadian wannabe.

Doomron, and Ayhuasca, proud members of the Shaman Councils.
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Ck is the most notable ganker, eh?
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Well, since you asked... Lulz (that little annoying gnome warlock) was the most notable ganker on Gul'dan, but I have no idea where he went.
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I hope to be the most notable ganker of alliance :3
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Breaking news! Faunts dented his macbook pro 'running away from the blax!'
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02/01/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Warkin
Well, since you asked... Lulz (that little annoying gnome warlock) was the most notable ganker on Gul'dan, but I have no idea where he went.

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@Faunts "Stay thirsty, my friend."
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i went bye bye
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100 Orc Shaman
Team Refugee 3/8 heroic!

video: (also cluttered UI with that stupid enh addon)
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You liar! You have settings low so you don't lag. Nothings wrong w/ my macbook pro e__e
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Zelinn, the "e__e" emoticon is property of Terrific Industries™ and it's subsidiaries. Cease and desist your unauthorized use of it.
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no r__r
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I would like to expand this thread to include a full history that can be verified by long-time residents of Gul'dan.

Gul'dan Server goes live: December 14th, 2005

Battlegroup: Rampage



Top 10 T13 Guilds (Dragon Soul):
(1)Phat Lootz n Epix, (2)Shady Shenanigans, (3)Scurvy Dogs, (4)Rezzurected, (5)Xemplars, (6)Reviviscence, (7)BlòódGuard, (8)Warpath, (9)Invalid, (10)Cloudy Day

There are many other notable guilds that ranked in the top 10 for this expansion and either server transferred, went dormant, or fractured. (Malice, Sinfest, Working as Intended, Discord, Arch Dominus, Pants Optional, & Cthiulu)
Top 3 T12 Guilds (Firelands):
(1) Malice, (2) Workin as Intended, & (3) Sinfest
Top 3 T11 Guilds (BWD, BoT, To4W):
(1) Sinfest, (2) Arch Dominus, (3) Jealousy
Ranked WotLK Guilds (ICC, ToC, Ulduar, Naxx):
Unity, Arch Dominus, Scurvy Dogs, Cold, Damage and Healing, Focus, PVD, Phat Lootz n Epix, ILLUMINATI, Contempt, Prima Nocta, Truth, Cloudy Day, Weekend Warriors, Elysium, Rezzurected, Damage & Healing, Jealousy, Loyalty, Skin, Faithful Kin, Orgrimmar Nights, Slow Your Roll, Sons of Chronos, Seven Deadly Sins, Revivicence, Anarchy Unleashed, Legendary Mercenary, Carnage, Incarnate, Guldans Might, BlòódGuard, Prime, Broken, Genesis, Altaholics Anonomys, E Rage, The Inward Eye, Innapropriate, Thundering Vengeance, Brethren, Evil League of Evil, Aptitude, El Diablo, Warborn, The Dogs of War, Casus Belli, Invalid, Destructive Nature, Haste, Epitaph, Xemplars, INC Max Skill Bro, Epic Phail, Dawn of Ages, Dorje Dradul, G Thirteen, & FORSAKEN
Ranked Burning Crusade Guilds: (Need help to reconstruct)
The Revelation, Contempt, Confirmed, From Ashes We Rise, Prima Nocta, Cloudy Day, The Phrophecy, Red, Management, Nerdcraft, Mail Enhancement, Glory Before Death, Adaptation
Ranked Vanilla Guilds: (Need help to reconstruct)
Nightmare Inc

Arena Gul'dan Ranking
Season 11: (Rampage Battlegroup)

1780 - huff VS suze cagematch (Ticara & Aylelol)
1722 - Trogdor (Dirtygurl & Buguba)
1714 - start over again (Eaze)
1702 - Buklau (Highsmith & Ayootabz)
1702 - Pointsrus (Dkinglawl & Goodmourning)
1700 - Pointsfornoone (Dathalas)
1689 - SWAGUARS (Kidcudilol & Jwheels)
1684 - you are a pirate (Moarnukez)
1653 - tiny shirt mane (Magics)

1744 - this dot heal (Ticara, Recursive, Aylelol)
1706 - Nerf Auctioneers (Warbones, Healingfails)
1621 - Wiggle wiggle wiggle (Morths, Hypo, Ripplelol)
1610 - Almostkitty (Cyclonz)
1575 - SticKY (Sekstual, Exmortem, Wreckalesce)
1570 Shaodow Word Necrotic (Ashmilee, Thumos, Artha)
1533 - monkeybutter (Thanatopsis, Goodmourning, Dkinglawl)
1465 - Hillbilly Love (Bigcrazy, Tigerwuds)

1115 - INOMYVOWLZLOLAEIOWNU (Jezzahbell, Zel, Vanboom, Alatara, Akthorn)
480 - ovary punchers (Blackhat, Cyn, Thuthuy, Tig, Rhynopaste)
480 - wedontusemics (Chrono, Stabhappie, Warbones, Healingfails, Crull)
384 - FreedomFromRating (Lasy, Saintdruid, Apocalypt, Trishuna, Dagan)
288 - Drunken Pandas (Warkin, Undeserved, Sekstual, Toonzi, Slazenger)
192 - Casus Fives (Katers, Bloodruler, Chrisxn, Nicetry, Wolfmand)
96 - Bust you Up (Mordred, Ck, Dartun, Soularia, Joeshmo)
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Nightmare INC had realm firsts for most of vanilla content if recall correctly (definitely c'thun), and nobody killed KT until after 2.1.
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