Classic windrunner players rolecall

85 Human Rogue

R.I.P. LRS: "WE ARE FREINDS." Original vanilla duelist here.
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90 Human Paladin
Way back when player here. Good times and good friends but very few left that I crossed paths with or they have moved on to different names and different realms. I, myself, don't get to play as often as I would like sometimes and when I do I find myself spinning my wheels in SW trying to figure out something to do with the little bit of time I do have. At any rate, good to see some somewhat familiar names still hanging on.
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85 Human Mage
no more Catherence, Leonharte Cynaster ? Blackish ? :(
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85 Undead Rogue
03/24/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Anymositi
Blackish ? :(

Still here haha d:
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Still around, though not currently raiding. Original DW/OOTA joint alliance raider (yeah, from before Forlorn Legacy was ever formed) though that was on my paladin (Jamoyah).
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90 Tauren Paladin
I'm still around...though obviously not on Windrunner or Alliance.

Spent many nights raiding Vanilla with The Cut Throats and DreamWhisper...
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90 Human Rogue
I still play sometimes, though not quite as much since I started school a few months ago. Though my toon's name was Unrully backintheday.

02/15/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Squishylette
Classic windrunner starter here! I see so many people I recognize. Then have to play the man where did we meet at card. I've been here since classic. I left for a year to another server, but missed Windrunner to much and had to come back.

Ohhai i<3you.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I started on Windrunner back in early Vanilla. Just recently got back on the server, this is the old rogue I used too (though at the time there were 2 "r"s in the name)
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90 Human Hunter
Changed my name back in BC, but I used to be Aliababua. Chinaski in BC. Small timer, but still around.
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90 Human Warrior
Not here currently but transfering back soon as im paid looking for guild first 5 ds heroic exp !
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85 Human Warrior
<---Sonicfury, Been there from day 1, O how I miss windrunner now ;(
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86 Orc Hunter
I played here late in vanilla but I didn't do a whole lot. Most of my play time started in Burning Crusade. My entire guild pretty much quit just before cataclysm and the ones that stayed went alliance so I switched with them. I miss my old Windrunner days. Sadly everyone that made it fun has quit though. Maybe MoP will bring me back to the game along with some of my old friends and make it fun again.
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90 Gnome Warrior
Wow still alot more than i expected to see honestly. Agarious do you rock your corrupted ashbringer at all?
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90 Night Elf Druid
Been on Windrunner since Day 0, November 2004.

The guild I am in (and am currently the only member of) was around before anyone cleared MC.

I stepped away from this guild and used to be part of /RageQuit in vanilla. Still remember 40 man Naxx.

Been solo'ing since TBC on and off.
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85 Human Mage
Back in the day, windrunner was my first realm. tauren hunter riverwinder, from the warcrafters guild, miss those days right after bc release
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90 Draenei Mage
I'm still here! I always see people I recognize, or old guilds that I remember. Some of them make me think "ahhh I was once in that guild, I wonder how they're doing?" good times
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88 Human Warrior
hmm don't recognize Original poster but i'm still here

TGF, TOTC, TCT(vanilla)

also know ender still here from vanilla, and i think albertpjols(erode)

IDK how early stumiester arived here but he on server still
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85 Tauren Paladin
to agarious
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