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Though we only raid two nights a week, we take our classes/roles and time very seriously and fully expect to clear all heroic content at level. We are by no means a fail group of people. If you think you'd fit into what I just described, please read below.

About Us:

We are a progression/achievement prioritizing 10-man guild on a casual schedule. We're located on the Medivh (EST-PVP) server on Horde side. Many of our members are former competitive/progression players that now have responsibilities out of game to attend to. Our emphasis is getting things done efficiently AND effectively in game while still being able to enjoy "real-life" as well as the company of our guildmates.

Raiding Schedule:
Tue: 8-11pm EST
Wed: 8-11pm EST
Thurs: Extra (Clean-up, RBG's, or a simply a day off)

Rated BGs will also be starting soon for us. We have plenty of already exceptional PvP players but more don't hurt to have.

Loot Structure:
When it comes to awarding loot, we use a member-interest driven loot-council. If you need something, let it be known. If you see someone else needs it more than you, then give it to em. Members and officers alike are expected to be fair when taking/passing on items.


Of course if you are an OUTSTANDING applicant and just so happen to not fill meet our specific needs listed below, we will still look at your application and assess accordingly. There is ALWAYS room for more awesomeness. Furthermore, we recruit for immediate raid slots. There are no bench seats.

Openings (as of Feb 5th, 2012):
Slots Available: 1 (DPS)
Desired Roles:

- Rogue

What we Expect/NEED from you:

1) Don't be !@#$%y, needy or otherwise exceptionally annoying.

2) We expect you to play like a champion while raiding and doing other guild functions. While its okay to goof around, when push comes to shove we want 100% focus/effort.

3) If you mess up, don't make excuses, just understand what you did wrong. No one cares about yours (or anyone elses) excuses. EVERYONE makes mistakes. Fix it, learn from it, and move on.

4) Be prepared. This includes (but is not limited to)...
- Fully Repaired
- Research your class/role
(Please don't make one of us have to point out your gear is is gemmed/reforged incorrectly)

5) Excellent attendance. 100% Attendance is kind of a big deal for us. We raid only 2 days a week on a schedule that is VERY reasonable for working professionals, students, and busy people in general. If you cannot commit to making these two days a week nearly all of the time, then we aren't a good fit. We understand people have vacations and other unplanned events, we simply ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

What can you expect from us:

A friendly, relaxed atmosphere full of people who just like to have fun. We are a guild/group of friends that just wants to raid halfway competitively and effectively. During any downtime, we enjoy pvp'ing as a group, doing old content for the hell of it, and long walks on the beach with an appletini or five.

Apply now at performance.enjin.com

Please be expected to be ready for heroic content(Gear included). We are not teachers. Come knowing your class.

If you need more information please send a PM on the website to Scrubbles, Stagnos, Qsonxshaman, or look for us in-game.
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85 Goblin Shaman
Found one dps. Still looking for a Rogue that is at 2nd stage legendary or within a week of getting it.

Know your role. I can't stress that enough.
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85 Goblin Shaman
No longer recruiting for raid slots. May entertain backups or possibly start a second group up.
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