Twink Tag Team Tournament "The 4 T's"

Hello, my name is Qwolf ^__^ I'm a level 70 twink as you may see and am starting a server tournament for level 70 twinks ONLY, both the Horde and Alliance may participate, please look below for information about it.
~THE 4 T's~
This tournament was created by Qwolf to establish a twink event for all level 70 twinks in Gnomeregan server. Both the Horde and Alliance may participate at this event ; It is a "tag team" tournament meaning you will need a partner to participate and go through the challenges, the determination of the winning team is put by the earnings of "Twink Points"
~What Are Twink Points & How Do They Work?~
Twink Points is a winning earning system developed by Qwolf himself in a quick & fun thought, *BY NO MEANS AM I TRYING TO ALTER BLIZZARD'S WAYS* Each team win will grant the team "5" points, each single battle will grant "2" points, when a team has earned the amount of "100" points they win, Teams are able to do a "Point Bid Challenge" and put up a called amount of their earned points, against another team who must put up the same amount, winning team taking all the points. Single challenges is when one person from a team challenges another person from another opposite team.
~Where, When, How & PRIZES :D!~
The locations of the battles will happen in various places selected, they will be sent via mail to each teams. A team or person must make a "Challenge" and call forth a selected "judge" if there are any to vow to view the battle when it happens to give proof of winner. This will begin and continue throughout this upcoming Friday!, Yes it's really soon but due to the massive need of points to win, this will take a while unless you are ultimately up for it! There will be prizes such as gold, obviously, mats, enchants, etc *THIS ARE NOT DISCLAIMED OR GIVEN BY BLIZZARD, BUT BY ME PERSONALLY OR ANYONE WHO FEELS TO DONATE FOR THE HARDY WINNERS* Most importantly HOW? Well, send me Qwolf a letter with your team name & the name of the 2 members in that team to be added to the tournament! ^__^
~Is That All?~
Of course not, people not in the competition are able to make bidding on teams or single player challenges. You must send ~Name of Single Player, or Team you are bidding on~ ~Amount you're putting up~ ~And Challenging Team or Single Player~ through mail to Alliance member, Human Scope OR If you're Horde Horde member, Orc Kuumo.
There must be rules for there to be order and fairness, so please look below for said rules!

1. No interfering from non 70s or non members of teams during matches
2. No buffs that are NOT obtained from said members in team
3. No Pots whatsoever, this means no mana pots or health pots or elixers or NONE OF THAT.
4. Cds CAN AND WILL BE USED, It shows your maximum capacity.
5. You're allowed to change your specs, this won't disqualify you or your team.
6. You cannot have more then 2 people per team, you count as one of the 2 yourself.
7. If looked upon due to a problem, discussion will be put against to see if new rules should be added due to said action.
~Still Why Are You Doing This?~
I believe twinking is when all players limit themselves and gain the best gear just to go based on skill and not gearing heights, It is incredibly fun to me and I hope it is to others who twink themselves. I wish to make this a common thing in my server, and for many to attend and participate. Please put your thoughts, no mean comments we don't really care for those. THANK YOU!

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