This evening, while bored, I got onto my level 76 with level 300 mining to get caught up and go to Northrend. Boy did I get a suprise.

Leveling mining was like pulling teeth. I went to Hellfire Penn to grab a few nodes on my way to my usual circle path in Zangarmarsh.

It's like 4/5 nodes have completely been removed from the game. Did a /who Zangarmarsh - nothing. Got on a level 1 horde toon did a /who Zangarmarsh - nothing... the place is barren.

What normally took me 20 minutes (from 300-350) literally took me an hour and a half (and that included smelting to scrap.e by a few levels). I haven't felt the pain of leveling a gathering prof that slow in AGES. I guess if this was to nerf mining bots, it's a good pain - haha.