Hey people of Shadow Council!

Due to a dwindling number of RPers showing up at my weekly Choppin' Block event (Tuesday nights at the Golden Keg in Stormwind's Dwarven district) I'd like to have a big monthly party to get more RPers together. I'm trying to think of an open, easy-to-reach location that would allow the most people to notice and take part in some casual, meet-and-greet style RP. I know there ARE RPers out there, but it's tricky to get them together. I'd love any idea folks might have about where to hold an event to get the most number of folks out and rubbing elbows.

I'd like to keep my time schedule (6-9ST) but I'm also willing to change nights to anything except Mondays and Fridays. I've got about 40 slots full of meats and cheeses - HAVE HOSTING SUPPLIES, WILL TRAVEL.

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions!