Time to merge Azshara

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i think its time to merge azshara with 1 or many other low pop realms, the trade chat is dead, people continue to xfer off and the server is becoming worse. If the realm was merged less people would quit the game as there would be more things to do, for example pug raids or rated battlegrounds as well as an increase is server reputation. This in the end would result in profit for Blizzard as less people quitting ears them a bigger profit margin than just the people xfering off as they still have to pay for the server simply merging the server with another would still keep people with their friends while also introducing them to other people, this is why they claim to have seating plans in school so you can meet other people. This in return would benefit everyone as people would have things to do and could further enjoy the World of Warcraft.
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Damn dude....this is revolutionary. You're certainly the first person to bring this idea up. Did you go to college?
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90 Troll Priest

Damn dude....this is revolutionary. You're certainly the first person to bring this idea up. Did you go to college?

Oh wait. Am I late?
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Never seen blizzard offer server merges. What they have done in the past is offer high pop server people free transfers to specific low pop servers. The last one happened a year ago, and even back then we were worse off than some of the destination servers chosen. I wouldn't hold my breath, I'm pretty sure even illidan and blackrock are not currently being bogged down with queue times.

Plus the real high pop servers are all carebear servers and god forbid they actually have to worry about their mortal enemy attacking them whilst they're out picking flowers, so again, no pvp server love in the visible future.
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