Putting terokkar on the map, Or close to it.

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Look at Takeis trying to step up... let's see how this goes im interested in seeing what will happen...if something happens.

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Given that Kuh probably did the best attempt at getting people to PVP and that fell apart, I don't see this server having any real drive for PVP. Its best to just look at PVP as it is, a novelty to pass the time with.
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Going to try and getting a Census running soon to see who actually wants to pvp.
Dang you for knowing my nick name @hoobler
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All I ever did was push people off the fence into someone else's yard.
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I shall help
releveling a mage/rogue to join
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02/21/2012 09:42 PMPosted by Bladdez
/signed not the best pvper cause I'm still learning, but I'm willing to give a hand.
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if you want to grow the community, you need strong pve progression, something terokkar definitely doesn't have.

one or two pro 3's teams or even a solid rbg group isn't going to draw people in.
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100 Undead Mage
There isn't enough on terokkar to make anything work, its a mediocre server and its probably going to stay that way, Kuh has tried and gotten some success but is isn't sustained. We are a PVE server so their isn't very serious PVP sadly, and others have already said we need to have PVE progression, or something this server can be known for and we haven't had that since Novus/P&P in BC.
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Dragon Slayer is the reason the community has fell apart. Join me to take down DS.
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