Location of Tydormu?

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I'm confuzzled. The T6 tokens are said to be currency you turn in to Tydormu, "Keeper of Lost Artifacts". Wowhead says his location is "unknown", while Wowpedia.org says he's in CoT "just behind" the instance portal for Hyjal Summit. Does this mean you have to be in a raid to get to him? I mean, is he actually in the Hyjal Summit raid instance?
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Yes. T6 vendors are in the entrance of the Hyjal raid in CoT
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You go into the instance, and there are three doors, two will be locked, one leads to the human camp. He's standing near one of the doors. He might walk around, I don't remember.
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Would you be able to do this, whilst you do not have WotLK, Or Cata?
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06/27/2012 12:20 AMPosted by Robbéry
Would you be able to do this, whilst you do not have WotLK, Or Cata?

Battle for Mount Hyjal is a Burning Crusade Raid so you should be able to enter without having the WOTLK/Cata expansion. :)
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Thank You Google For When WowHead Let's me Down and Completely FAILS!!!
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