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Hello Mac Community,

In order to better organize and manage threads about the Mac 64 bit client, we created a thread dedicated the discussion of known issues for the Mac World of Warcraft 64-bit client.

We'll regularly update this thread with a known issues list, and you can feel free to discuss the known issues in this thread.

Mac Specific Known Issues
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client does not currently support the in-game movie recording functionality.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client iTunes' Remote feature does not work at the present time.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client does not currently support the customized LCD display for the Logitech G15 series of keyboards.
  • [Mac] The 64-bit Mac client is currently not supported on 10.5 systems. You will need 10.6.8 or later for this version.
  • [Mac] Cinematics are not playing in the 64-bit Client.
  • [Mac] The LCD applet for the G19/G15 does not launch with the 64-bit client.

  • Cross Platform Known Issues
  • The game’s built in voice chat does not currently work when using the 64-bit client.

  • Please feel free to discuss known issues here on this thread. If you do not see your issue/bug in this list, please report it to the appropiate thread:

    Thanks in advance for helping make this a better Mac experience.
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    Edit: Sorry, wrong thread. Moving my post to the bug reporting thread. Feel free to delete this.
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    in general it's good, but i've seen a cpu usage increase about 20% and this boosts up the cpu temp up to 84ªc

    using mid2010 white macbook the last one, with 8gb ram
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    I don't know if this helps any, but the opening cinematics for original WoW up through Wrath do work for me in the 64-bit client.
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    03/13/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Azreluna
    I don't know if this helps any, but the opening cinematics for original WoW up through Wrath do work for me in the 64-bit client.

    That's because those cinematics use the old video codec format. The new in-game cinematics use a different format that there is no external player for on either platform (OS X or Windows). And as the 64-bit client hasn't been coded with that player built in (or at least not correctly yet), it crashes when trying to view them (thus they're disabled).
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    The cinematic scenes seem to be working now as of 64-bit build I wasn't able to test all of them, but the scenes between each Dragon Soul boss are now definitely working when they were not in the previous build. At least, they are on my hunter.

    Might want to edit that in the list of known issues in the various 64-bit threads.
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