I am looking for raid groups to raid with on my toons throughout the week as my current life prevents me from joining a full time raiding guild. If you have a need for any of the following toons, post on here or send me a /w and we will try to work something out. Looking for runs that go 6/8 minimum. I am better than any pug you will find in trade as before I had to stop raiding I was in a top 200 US guild.

Abyisson - Fury warrior - 387ilvl - 32k dps on 10 man ultra this reset.
Amorbis - Resto druid - 384ilvl - can 2 heal all 10 man normal fights.
Arcadium - Mage - 383ilvl - 25k dps

Névermore (alt 0233) - Healing priest - 387ilvl - can 2 heal all 10 man normal fights
Oblivíon (alt 0237) - Frost DK - 386ilvl - 28k dps
Edited by Amorbis on 2/4/2012 4:28 PM PST