Terenas Best of the Best Thread

100 Night Elf Rogue
Warrior: Rhowan, Furiah
Mage: Kazmir, Donnut
Druid: Webin, Zektz, Merdan
Priest: Amane
Shaman: Ehkz in BC
Warlock: Coniption, Ehkz
Paladin: Geres, Legendz
Deathknight: Ehkz
Hunter: not an important class
Rogue: sorry bobble, i'm better.
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90 Undead Rogue
Warrior: Alessandro, Nodomino, Megapuppy
Druid: Webin, Kblah, Druideka
Priest: Melted - that's the only priest I can really remember from before I left Terenas the 1st time
DK: I wasn't on Terenas during Cata, and I don't remember any DKs standing out during WotLK
Rogue: Bobble, Rippon, Grundlecut
Mage: The only mage I remember was the Female/Human Grand marshall mage, can't recall the name right now.
Warlock: Seveo!!!! <--- Trolled LOLOL Eurynomous and Shaidar for realz
Shaman: Misheala, Gula, Robertb
Paladin: Legendz, Skinnybolbas, and always and forever Codez <3
Hunter: Clout (Handsome), Scarred (Miss you!), Songi, and Howlingfish

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1 Orc Warrior

Webin is bad
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85 Blood Elf Mage



Lumine (easily the best mage on the server and better than me. (Nalene)






I forgot all the hunters, but Encross was great




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1 Orc Warrior
Once again... Webin is horrible

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100 Human Warrior
Uthers champions was ali not horde.
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1 Troll Hunter
Epic thread
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100 Worgen Warrior
I don't keep tabs but the few players that made me feel like opening my wrist with a spork were; Cheese, Anakin, Suci, Mikero, Nalene, Encross, Geebis/Jeezus etc, Asmorvir, Verick(none of you know him, best vanilla lock)

also I have to give Makefoowatta credit for being the best mage since Magewar
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85 Human Rogue
On behalf of Asperiti, in his words, as general response to this thread:

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90 Tauren Druid
The good O' days.
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18 Night Elf Druid
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90 Troll Hunter
Fond Memories (Horde)~
Warriors: Kludge; Wills; Roknathal
Druid: Layunda
Priest: Matafleur; Iniva; Veron
Death Knight: n/a
Rogue: Thebane; Kisaki; Forcedlife
Mage: Agatha; Jj
Warlock: Seveo; Daemonx; Katastrophe
Shaman: Gula; Robertb; Brum; Horfire
Paladin: Zenmetsu; Alyethi (not sure of their paladin names)
Hunter: Jolly; Jembari; Ulcer; Mpvolcom

Modern Killers (Horde)~
Warriors: Alessandro; Snufflepoop; Darklon
Druid: Kblah; Nightmeadow; Tuggin
Priest: Shardstorm
Death Knight: Falaenx
Rogue: Rippon; Bwasome
Mage: Jagu
Warlock: Randomno
Shaman: -
Paladin: Thorcath; (Terenas really misses Codez)
Hunter: -
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90 Draenei Shaman
Forsedar for best shaman duh.
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90 Human Warlock
Forsedar for best shaman duh.

I don't know.... I still have nighmares about warsong gulch and the Horfire crew. :)
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90 Tauren Hunter
IMO Dayace is the best Warrior on horde I've seen in years from Terenas, Alliance got a bunch of tough Warriors too Some I like fighting (win lose or draw) some Just beat me up badly. I Like Dayace tho alot very humble very honorable just don't think he does rated stuff all that often but if someone should its him.
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90 Orc Rogue
I must say that Jembari and Jollygreen were the best hunters on terenas but were they had decent skills in game they seriously lacked people skills. Nuff said.

That being Said... Effigy was the best hunter on terenas.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Hard to think back to remember names, here are a few I could come up with.
The Fun Guy: Fredbsd
Most Friendly: Adius
Most Hissy: Eleganza
Most Reliably obnoxious: Vyla
Most Blotarded: that one fat metalhead bald guy with some name like D********
Machivellian: Anduill
WTF Nutty: Sano
Epic Ninja: Celtico
Epic Troll: Sacklessalt
Villainous Griefer: Me
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90 Tauren Druid
I'm really surprised to see that Warlock-Magnuss (alliance) wasn't posted, at least in the pvp area. That guy was a beast, far better than that baddie Suci lol
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100 Night Elf Rogue
lots of old names in this thread, cool to see people still lurking

I don't pretend to know the best of the best but some extremely good players that I was able to play with over the years who I have not seen mentioned (mostly from Vanilla & BC) in PvP and raiding...

Rogue: Nispere, Trek, Sheyde

Druid: Elyas, Arcnight, Pininer

War: Dannyo, Bartender, Keggy

Hunter: Potina, Kras

Priest: Sarthallan, Foshizzle, Cicatriz

Lock: Delerious (probably the best lock on the server and always kept a low profile but anyone who played with him was blown away by how good he was)

most frustrating Horde to face in BG's as a rogue back in vanilla was Makefoowata (or however he spelled it) and Nancy. And of course Smashdaddy
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