HI everyone! We are a level 25 guild that just moved to runetotem called <You Know You Want This>. We are currently looking for any fun loving, open minded, and courteous people to join our guild and fill in our raid slots. We have experienced players who are looking to make progression. We recently moved the guild here because we wanted to create a good environment for people to play, have fun, and see game content without having to deal with "jerks". We are mostly on late night, between 8pm and 11am server time, but this time does vary quite a bit depending on the day. We have openings for anyone, and pretty much any level.So if you are looking for a fun environment to play, are willing to perhaps take some positive feedback on your playing, and in general just want to have fun and avoid people who are rude and talk down to you simply because you might not have seen an encounter before, then this is the place for you. We want to see progression, but most of all we like to have a good time, joke around, and don't take it too seriously. Of course raid time we try to put our work boots on, but again it's more about fun then being crazy, although clearing heroic content would be a lot of fun. Please contact any of my characters in game, any alts of Rubato, or just send me a message or reply to this thread! Hope to see some of you soon.