90 Blood Elf Paladin
I have been trying to camp this guy for months now, and have yet to spot him even once. Does anyone happened to know what the spawn timer is on him and other rare spawns for our server? I'm trying to camp it when I think other people aren't doing the same because I don't feel like stealing it from people, as I know I would be devastated if they did it to me. Thanks!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Doesn't really mean much when every realm has different spawn timers. Kind of why I was asking for our specific server. Thanks though!
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85 Goblin Death Knight
The first thing to do is download and install an addon called NPCscan, it will automatically alert you when a rare creature like Aeonaxx is in the area before you yourself even see it. My best advice would to be this: don't farm it. if you have a gathering profession on the character you wish the mount on go herb or mine at the same time. mobs like aeonaxx are detectable by npcscan for a VERY long distance, you will know the minute hes up.

I have flown around a few times looking for him with no luck, one day npcscan popped up with him but someone was already mid fight with him. a few weeks later out of the blue I was herbing on my rogue saw the npcscan alert and hopped on my DK and rushed into deepholm to kill it(mind you it was 3am in the morning maybe 2-3 people tops in the zone). the other boss was also up flying around. I have no idea of aeo's timer but if its anything like the current cataclysm world bosses (mobus, julak, uldum one etc) as long as theres no server restart during the week they always spawn anywhere from thursday night to saturday morning.
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90 Worgen Warrior
OK so i lost this mount, what happen was i came out of stonecore and my buddies npc scan went off, i found him and mounted (Note: I was in tank gear) then i start dps like crazy i get him to halfway and my internet hiccups for a second log back on and hes gone I was so mad. I hate Cox internet now. Put in a ticket hopefully i get good news.
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90 Orc Warrior
this is how blizzard makes your 15.00 a month, by occasionaly spinning a wooden wheel with an arrow on it which points to one lucky server, assuming the Admin can get out of his chair without falling through 15 stories of Blizz HQ cubicles, and hits the button one lucky boy or girl may or may not actually see Said mount. Looting applies to terms and conditions.
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86 Dwarf Hunter
I haven't seen him in the 8 days (22 hours each day) that i have beem camping, nor have i seen the bat(hes on the NPCscan also)
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85 Night Elf Druid
Weird, I'm on Cairne and I also have been out here round the damn clock for a week with no sightings! Did they yank him or what?!
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