Any good 3's team here?

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I'm currently on Darkspear and i'm getting annoyed with the spam on trade there, wondering if there is any good RLS or RMP teams here? or if any good pvpers here?
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Short answer: Theres one team over 2200 on Korial atm.

Long Answer:

Just curious, why did you choose Korialstrasz for this question? We are famous actually for trade trolls. Korial is very short on PVPers and I dont want to scare anyone off but here's the deal.

Korial is for you if you are super casual and like to hang out on trade and talk about random things with your old pals that have been on since 2006 and dont pvp a lot and wanna get on a couple hours a week to do things and dont mind most of the top PVE bananas being Korean (gold sellers?) or ex horde. There is a distinct lack of any hardcore snobbery/elitists whatsoever. What you won't get is a critical mass of PVPers.

Darkspeare trade spam (I have a toon there) isnt so bad as to confer any disadvantage in a comparison of pvp opportuinities on Korialstrasz. (Haha have u seen ticon alli trade?) Given there's 0-5 glads on Korial atm vs Darkspeares' ~195, we're dealing with two completely different leagues.

The problem with this tiny pvp population is like finding a wife in a small town - you go thru them amazingly fast. If you have a personality conflicts/have an aversion to the wrong obnoxious 14 year old, you just cut down your pvp opportuinities in half. Talent is sparse, you can count ppl with 2200+ exp on one hand, maybe two. You'd better get along with them, because oif you do not, you are SOL. This happens on any server without any sort of pvp comunuity. Last I checked FWIW the battlegroup is not at the bottom but pretty close.

If you're a casual PVPer though and wanna get outta Swifty/Mercaters shadow and be a big fish in a mud puddle and able to be at least middling in comparison to most on your server by breaking 1500 with an absolute minimum of time invested, it's possibly worth a shot. IIRC we have more decent rogues (Rhivell, Madbao,iirc) than we have mages (Driftings, ibid) or priests (Muffins, Chaffy, ibid), so expect competition to a certain extent. And be ready for a lot of trolling on trade, endless convos about bacon, etc etc, way moreso than you get on Darkspeare. A good half the arena spam on trade will lead to WTF ARE THESE GUYS DOING facepalms.

What i would suggest to anyone considering moving to a new server, make your own spreadsheet and put things like server pop. # glads, alli horde ratio, things you consider imkportant
Go to - click Best WoW realms ranking (PvP)
Roll a lvl 1 toon. go there check out trade
Maybe get into cross realm RBGs with ppl to see how they are
Do what youre doing now :)

You should also check out Kel Thuzad. I have toons on all the big pvp servers and I've found the happiest laid back people there. Its 99% competitive glad wise as Ticon without all the gold buyers and rating sellers trade chatter and hype, its Chicago to Ticon's NYC and more competitive than Darkspeare, and it doesnt have the Swifty stigma :)
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wow What a wonderful reply tyvm, and the reason is it's hard to get a team on Darkspear haha everyone wants 2.2k+ but I don't have 2.2k but I murk kids with it.... weird....But I would transfer to this server just to faceroll the comp haha which is kinda the wrong reason to transfer but !@#$ might as well get easy titles... And I once played here I know how bad it is haha. But my friend recently transferred to KT said he is 1800+ rbgs 6/8h DS and 2.2 3's might go there haha tyvm :D And the Swifty stigma is so annoying there omfg every time he logs on trade chat gets spammed with his damn name!
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I PvP, but I think I have a team, at this point I have no idea. I've been to 1.6k, cause it's this server. Too many friends here for me to transfer off :/
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03/30/2012 06:22 PMPosted by Warriargh
Too many friends here for me to transfer off :/
good c: or you know what Kel will do to you x3 and I do PvP myself just wish I had a soild team to run with. I'm not a hardcore pvper but more casual, I'm more a hardcore raider but I like both. Just it's hard to decide which is more fun for me, I'd love to to a high rating someday in the future. But that's down the road not now.
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im looking for a good class to tag along with my friends for 3s arena team. they are a protection pally, beast mastery hunter, and idk what class would be good to help out..any suggestions?
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Hit me up. I will pvp and arena with anyway because it seems to be dead on korial
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