AV multi boxer one person?

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03/12/2012 11:01 PMPosted by Tinymasher
This is the very reason I created 45 toons on Kil'Jaeden. Of course it's going to take some time to level and gear them, but when they reach top level and have decent gear, that's when the fun begins! More alliance players means more honorable kills!

grow a set and roll Magtheridon / alliance

If you want a true challenge, come to Magtheridon. <The Zerg> is the largest and most active multi-boxing guild in the world. Our numbers far exceed yours. We would be honored to fight against you.

I'm assuming you rolled on Kil'Jaeden to directly compete against Legion Of Boom (large Alliance multi-boxing guild). I'm afraid you are two years too late. There are only 1-2 boxers left in LoB as everyone left for SWTOR.

Or roll Horde side on Magtheridon and we'll terrorize the world together.

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Yeah gonna add to this and tell you about how "famous" you think you are....I JUST found out who you were only because you transferred to my server. If you want to be famous, you better transfer to all of the other servers and bring all of your other accounts with you, too. This lady is not impressed.
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Cool - I might reactivate some accounts and join in some fun/actions/raids

The LoB side is a bit quiet at the moment
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He move to kil'jaden
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So far no one has ever produced a video nor a screen shot of me ever being face rolled by equally leveled players of equal numbers. Of course there are videos of higher level players or players that double my numbers, but none have ever produced anything of equal numbers. Yet, I have produced videos where one third of my characters match the enemy players. Don't believe it? Think it's because Aegwynn has non-dedicated players? Well, that will change because it's time to terrorize another realm where they believe they are the best at the game just like everyone else that plays. If that realm didn't have a certain admin of a forum that lies I wouldn't have created the "free" level 80s there. Dying time has arrived!

welp thats been proven wrong. enjoy

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I know im late in the discussion but im new to Kil'jaden. Been there 3 weeks and had the joy of watching him get camped in Goldshire for 45 minutes. (sorry i got a life unlike him and have others things to do so i cant stay all day) But for all him self boasting, he was looking weak. Less than 10 people got him too, a lil fear goes a long way when strength is only in numbers. He got seperated and destroyed. VERY FUNNY!!! Only wish i had been there longer so i could have joined in his group session. Im sure all 40 of him are going to be walking funny for awhile!!
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FIRSTPLACE licks my nuts, me n good ol purebose miss him :( !@#$% come back to aegwynn i want to gank you again :(
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