Dspine is dead..

well this sever has officially died out.. we need mores on horde and alliance, everyone thats left arent even worth grouping with.. wheres the free transfers!!
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86 Orc Warlock
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90 Undead Warrior
ive heard talk about blizzard merging low pop servers with each other to help the progression rates but haven't heard a date

daggerspine isnt the only server with the problems we have

if they dont do something soon im sure more will quit
im surprised i haven't yet
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i remember when this server was a great well populated realm but now i don't know where the daggerspine i loved went
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85 Human Warlock
Look, idk if any of you horde remember me from Wrath...but Daggerspine is not that bad right now. Granted I agree the people left are either retarded, or moderately cool, Blizzard is making A LOT of money of these low populated realms. If you put aside the fact that some quit, $25 bucks a transfer baby, they make loads of money of when you just get so sick of it you go to a diff realm change your name/faction. So just stop xfering and you will get your free one eventually, until then just brace yourselves for Blizzards sympathy and New Players bull!@#$. And by the way, Daggerspine....is heaven compared to some other realms...ive heard of realms where they haven't even killed DW normal. So just stick in there for a little bit for our free transfers or merge. Blizzard is just going to milk us for everything we have until there are so little people to xfer out.

P.S. To any of you horde who remember me and R.I.P. from wrath...<3.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I just rejoined again, and I'm on my 7 day trial on my other account, but theres no way I will renew my membership if the realm is going to be this terrible.
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90 Tauren Warrior
i like pie.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
08/21/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Mooskitt
i like pie.

Well spoken.
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61 Tauren Warrior
Whats wrong with Daggerspine? It now has Dreadmaul!
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90 Pandaren Monk
Sorry guys Imperium caused all the "good players" to transfer when they realized raiding 20 hours a week wasnt enough to keep up with our 5 hour a week schedule in Cata.
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1 Goblin Hunter
Lawlchief, race changing to monk doesn't make you any less of a joke. I see you have retained your humble demeanor for the new expansion though.

I dont understand why you still need to put on the dog and pony show. You're a mediocre guild, at best. You'll likely be the most progressed guild on the server because there are no other guilds. Server is dead wrt raid progression. Its Friday and only 3 groups have downed stone guard.

You're the king of a deserted island. Grats?
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