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@Nygotha: That's the problem--these forums already look dead. I look at my current server's forum and it's bustling with life and activity. Then I come here, and see barely anything. Then I hit refresh, and a topic that was there isn't there anymore.

How is that server? I've heard good things about it aside from Goldshire (Although I think it's hilarious). It's RPPVP, right? I was thinking when I start playing again, whenever that may be, rolling a PvP server is about the only thing different I can do to spice things up.

It's actually just RP, although you don't have to be an rp#@! to have fun there (I'm certainly no RPer; it feels awkward every time I try).

In my experience on pvp realms, they're almost always lopsided, meaning "world pvp" is "hay guise, there's a stray ally at _____!" 15 horde players descend upon their free hk and that's that. You're either on the hunted faction and always have to look over your shoulder, or you're on the majority faction. Sometimes, the majority faction can forget they're even on a pvp server.

Goldshire is certainly a great place to get a permanent crotch rash, but it also has some pretty good trolling sometimes. Even still, when you transmog like I do, you're better off avoiding it unless you want horror-inducing whispers from triple-donged futas. (Until going to MG, I had never even heard of "futa" before. WTB unlearning potion!)

What really makes the server awesome, in my opinion, is the huge population and its diversity. Stormwind general is often busier than ravencrest's trade. It's also a place where you can be super casual like me and still join a guild with all of the awesome perks and achievements unlocked. :D
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Bump... Cause thats what I do
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And Alma, I'll make a DK tonight on Moonguard... try it out. Unless anyone else wants to start from scratch Id be all for rolling a utility (pally/priest/Druid)
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