Looking for a few dedicated.. (Firelands [H])

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It sounds like he was advertising for a PUG group to get a firelands raid together to finish the quest chain, yes?
I'd be pissed if I needed something for an upgrade, and someone took it for transmog. I'd probably reach through my computer and rip off his balls for being such a prick, if I was in a bad enough mood.
Just sayin :)

This thread was necro'd from Feb. when he was still grinding out items for his staff. The person complaining was from a LFR run.

@Kreachur: I'm pretty sure I know who you are, and if you want to keep trying to insult me, just call me on the phone.

@MM: If you went through an entire raid stealing all the loot, anyone that stayed after the first boss deserves to get screwed. 99.99% of pugs usually have stated loot rules before starting and Blizzard will uphold those rules whether you try to be a douche or not. Your statement about people wiping raids on purpose, its called griefing and it is a bannable offense. There are rules in the game designed to make loot distribution fair. It may not be fair in your eyes because you place a certain value on who should get loot. What if the QQer stood in every mechanic, died on every fight, and complained constantly? Should they still be allowed loot? If Yes, then so does Loxx, for having to deal with the a-hole and carry him through the instance. If No, then you are deciding how other people should play their own game, which isn't right.

Again he did nothing wrong, he didn't break rules, he simply rolled need on something he wanted and won. cry babies will be cry babies
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Flawed logic is flawed. Good to see Exodar still has people with questionable morals trying to defend others questionable morals.

I have all 410 heroic gear on my main but i'm going to queue LFR and roll need on all the tier items because you say there's nothing wrong with it.

Doesn't look like all 410 to me.... like I said if you want to keep going just call me
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Angry, how's your GM doing? Everything go ok?
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