Want to Sell Sulfuron Hammer!

this is an epic hammer created from very hard to obtain items, took me months to create. this hammer can be combined with the eye of sulfuras to create the legendary hammer of ragnaros. basicly, this weapon saves u weeks/months/years of farming. im selling this weapon for a good 19k. negotiations are open for consideration.

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90 Pandaren Priest
I farmed the hammer in 2 days

You can go and reset the trash over and over again Molten Destroyer's have an 8% chance of dropping the bloods, Dark Iron ore almost is always in the AH and there are numerous blacksmith's that can make the bars Same with Arcanite Bars it's usually on the AH and the mats for the transmute isn't super rare either. The only real problem is the ingots there are usually 4-6 on the AH a week so this may cause a bit of a problem. As for the rest of the mats they should run between 50-75g
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85 Worgen Death Knight
honestly Anedrian and no offence but i just farmed all of the mats in 2 weeks. and that is only 2 runs of MC that i did all though i did have to farm trash for a few days to get the bloods. and mine a !@#$ ton of dark iron ore. but all in all its nothing to get the mats to make this and i personally dont see where anyone would buy it for 19k BUT if you do find a sucker please please let me knwo because i will start making more of these
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100 Tauren Paladin
Numbers based on my observations Horse side:

Sulf Ingots: Items that drop off of one boss, once a week (maybe!) and fetch an Ah price between 250 and 900 gold depending on rarity. We will give the benefit of the doubt and call these 250. We need 8.

So you start at 2k gold.

Now Bloods. Farmed off destroyers at an 8% drop rate (not counting their % to drop nothing at all). You can farm Destroyers every half hour with about 6-8 of these per run. I'm not sure what the AH price is for these because scarsity and legit demand does not see them listed very often. I would happily pay 200 for one. We need 10 so looking at another 2k.

Up to 4k base value.

Cores/ore/ ect can be obtained in an MC clear or two and are cheap on the Ah. Arcananite bars are not. Buying the crystals and thorium and having a dear pal transmute for you is rather cheap but if you are buying the bars outright I see them sell between 12 and 20 gold a piece thanks to the market on old world obscurities. Again we'll go light and say we can do the crystals for 50gold.

Now you just need to go smelt the Dark Iron in Blackrock or find a blakcsmith willing to be your lackey. Will also need to do up the Hammer itself. For a casual player with a job that gets to play after work a few hours a day, this all amounts to a lot of time.

Yes... if you stay online all day you can get the bloods in a few days. You cannot get the ingots this way. You must farm or buy. Either way the point is in a game where even casuals are carting around gold in the hundred thousands due to an inflated level 85 economy, 19k is not a vast amount to ask from someone looking to get their hammer especially considering that if one is not a Blacksmith this can be an annoying grind.

Personally I would have happily snatched it up at 10k to avoid Destroyer farming. I only make this post because I hate bullies and the reponse posts to this irked me. Find something better to do.

19k is fine. It's just gold.
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90 Worgen Warrior
I was intrigued by your post because I thought you'd display that the mats actually did add up to 19k despite my initial assumptions that the OP was crazy and asking for way too much money.

Instead you seem to have stopped around 4k for the expensive stuff. The rest, even arcanite bars (which I got for my hammer spending like 3 gold per arcane crystal, thorium costs nothing either) is pitifully cheap. Maybe I would be willing to allow you 1k for all of that stuff bought entirely off the AH, including the few gold per core etc.

Dark iron is, admittedly, a pain, but still not expensive. True, I am a miner and blacksmith myself, but the actual smelting and crafting steps take less than 15 minutes. You can buy someone's time for that. it's not expensive.

At the end of the day, when I farmed my hammer it took me 20 minutes a week over the course of maybe a month. Farming it yourself also gives you a chance to pick up the eye of sulfuras along the way, which is the only reason this hammer matters. If I wanted to try harder to speed up that process, I could have, but 20 minutes a week was nothing, and I spent MAYBE 1.5k getting extra stuff when I already had my eye, and was close enough to having the mats that I just said screw it.

You'll notice that I didn't bother responding to the OP, because hey, if somebody wants to pay 19k for something they can do themselves for an investment of a few hours, that's their prerogative. But I was a bit confused by your method of counting. You get to 4k, toss on a another 1, maybe 2k. Even if you wanted to say those were rock bottom prices, you could potentially argue that 10k is fair, which is what you said you'd pay....

The jump from that to suddenly 19k being a fair price is like...silly, in my opinion. It irked me.
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100 Tauren Paladin
I typed that on my phone and never really got to the point I wanted to make there. The point was that this was mostly a large time-sync for just a graphical upgrade, much like a mount. Considering most rare epic mounts I see run around 15-18k, and require no work, the price on the hammer was okay.

Indeed 10K is optimum, but 19k isn't ludicrous.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Almost everything in this game is a graphical upgrade though. Value is determined by rarity, and like you said time investment. The issue is not whether some similar item to the sulfuron hammer might end up having a value of 19k, it's that several of us do not agree that this specific item is worth 19k.

Using the mount example, a motorcycle mount might sell in the range in the range of 15-18k. Granted I'd argue much of that cost is tied to the unavoidable 12k or so in vendor bought materials, but regardless. You also have another mount that say, drops off Heroic Ragnaros. We sold that for 150k.

Two mounts, two cosmetic graphical upgrades. Not all pixels have the same value.
I believe I understand your sentiment of gold simply being gold. Perhaps if the difference in what I believed was the realistic value to what the OP was charging were smaller I wouldn't really take issue. I do however disagree with the idea that a jump from 10k to 19k isn't significant. I don't even feel like taking your example to an extreme, because 19k is already almost double what you personally are saying you would be willing to pay.

Don't you see how maybe people would take issue and suggest that the OP reconsider his price?
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90 Orc Warrior
02/12/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Anedrian
this is an epic hammer created from very hard to obtain items, took me months to create.


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90 Troll Rogue
Cool story.

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90 Orc Death Knight
02/12/2012 05:52 PMPosted by Anedrian
negotiations are open for consideration.


"This case study is about the analysis of a Negotiation Framework known as Rubinstein's Alternating Offers Protocol [OR90]."
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Hey Anedrian :o

the eye dropped for me the other day.
You can give an old friend the hammer for free yes? :D<3
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85 Dwarf Warrior
when i farmed the mats, it was a lot harder on my realm. the bloods went for about 700g a piece and the sulfuron ingots were about 800 a piece. on my realm, 19k would be a very reasonable price because whenever someone is looking to sell one, they go for anywhere from 20k to 35k

the bloods dropped so rarely that only 3 of the 10 were from farming. i also never got sulfuron ingots from my 6 MC runs
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100 Night Elf Warrior
05/06/2012 07:42 AMPosted by Hauke
Numbers based on my observations Horse side:

Hmmm... Which side is the Horse side??
You know, while we're necro-ing old threads and whatnot
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